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We've recorded many of our live online seminars (webinars) and put them into categories - Organization & Productivity, Sales & Marketing, and Finance, Legal & Compliance

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Organization and Productivity

Take the Pulse of your Business

Are you running your business in the dark or actively tackling every problem?  Do you know if you’re losing money? Are any products losing money? How long would it take to find out? See how you can use business reporting and analytics to: exceed profit expectations, get business visibility, be aware of a financial crisis, ensure you are charging the right prices, reduce expenses and job costs, and eliminate time spent on correcting errors.

The Home Pro's Power Guide to Technology

Discover how technology can make your home improvement company more efficient and effective, allowing you focus on the parts of your business that actually make you money. See how you can simplify your life, get more done with less, and earn more money with the right technology -especially if it's designed exclusively for contractors, remodelers, and home service pros - even if you’re not a “techie” person!

Tracking & Managing All Your Leads

Lead generation is on every contractor and home service pro's mind. But by focusing on the 'low hanging fruit' and every 'hot' lead means that all other leads get forgotten. Tracking and managing all your leads means that you'll reduce seasonality and have a steady stream of job leads coming in. Learn how to manage every lead... until they decide to buy. Leads cost too much money to only call one or twice - get the most out of the money you spend!

Recycle Your Resources for More Time, Sales and Profit!

Manual processes require too many steps, create errors, and waste time or money. We show a way to recycle and re-use your information, automating your business, and giving you more time to focus on what you do best. Work smarter, not harder and you'll earn more and have more time to spend with family and friends.

QuickBooks, Whiteboards & Excel: The Right Tools for Remodelers?

Ever run across some old tools in your shed? A hand-cranked drill. A hacksaw. And a hand planer. Sure, they still work. But how long and how much effort does it takes to complete a job using them? The tools and processes you use to run your business are no different. New, better ones exist today.

Death by A Thousand Paper Cuts

Chaos costs real money. It robs you of time, profits and peace of mind. This webinar shows you how the 6 pieces of information you’re already collecting gives you consistent and predictable lead flow and transforms your business from chaos to prosperity.

Make Your Busy Season Last All Year Long

Did you know that better lead management gives you more time during the week to sell more and to help you focus on your customers? Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the home improvement business for 2 decades, there’s an easy way to help you end seasonality, manage your business, and grow your bottom line.

Death by A Thousand Paper Cuts

Ever feel like half your day is spent looking for information, or chasing paper and folders around the office? Discover the top 3 ways paper (and manual processes) cause home service pros to leak profits and miss opportunities to make more money.

10 Keys to Survive & Thrive

Victoria Downing, President of Remodeler’s Advantage and 30-year industry veteran, is here to help you beat the odds (and sleep at night). She’s worked with thousands contractors, co-authored the book “Mastering the Business of Remodeling” and is a nationally recognized leader in driving profits for owners.

How to Combat The 7 Deadly Sins in Your Home Service Business

See if any of the 7 deadly sins of your home service business are holding your company back (and if they are, how to fix them). Many are inadvertently making mistakes that could hurt  business, or missing opportunities to get more customers, make more money and have more free time.

Remodelers: Get Your Business House In Order

Remodeling magazine contributor Joe Stoddard helps you sort out what works and what doesn’t, teaching you the secrets your competition doesn’t want you to know, including how to leverage lean principles, mobile technology, and cloud computing to succeed in 2012 and beyond – all without spending a fortune.

Grow Your Business Simply With the Power of 6

22-yr. industry veteran and Big 50 winner Brian Leader, CEO of Ohio Energy Holdings Corp., shows you how to put a simple philosophy for savings and growth to work for you - The Power of 6. Earn from 6 pieces of information you already collect.

Grow Your Business Simply With the Power of 6

Thompson Creek's rise from a small, chaotic business buried in paper and stuck at a $1 Million to a $40 Million hall-of-famer began when President Rick Wuest learned about The Power of 6 from improveit! 360.

From Chaos to Prosperity: How Thompson Creek Used 6 Pieces of Info to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Entering the 6 basic pieces of information above that you're already capturing into the improveit! 360 Business Management Application is the first step toward less headaches, more time, better predictability and greater profitability.

Sales and Marketing

Remodeler's DIY Guide to Online Marketing

Our Online Marketing DIY Guide for Home Pros, Remodelers, and Contractors for 2013: Learn how to get more sales from your website by turning it into a lead generation machine - avoid the common mistakes most home pros make, get found online, convert more visitors into leads, and get the tools you need to close more new leads more efficiently.

How to Score Sales Using the Lead Playbook

Imagine you’re the coach of a football team and you’ve only got one play – the “Hail Mary”. You’re not going to score much. As a home pro, if your only focus is getting new leads... that’s the same as trying to win with just one play. Our webinar provides you more plays for your sales playbook so you can get more leads, win more deals, and score more customers.

Internet Leads: Capture & Close Today's Web-Savvy Homeowner

improveit! 360 and lead generation expert, QuinStreet, show how to get in front of homeowners actively seeking your services, follow-up quickly from the field (on every inquiry before your competition), and manage all your leads while keeping your sanity. Online lead generation is a great way for you to get quality contacts fast. Generate more inquiries and make every lead count.

The Bridge to Better Business Success

Running a home improvement is tough. Running it  well – where you earn more and stress less – may seem impossible. The distance between where you are and where you want to be seems like it keeps growing. What stands in your way of reaching a better, stronger, more profitable home improvement business:  Lack of quality leads? No time for follow-up? Inefficient tools to manage data and staff? We have 3 powerful tips for better business success.

5 Ways Your Leads Are Broken

95% of leads are not effectively pursued. 81% of all sales happen on or after the 5th contact. If you're only doing 1 or 2 follow-ups, the math is simple… a ton of lost revenue! Leads are broken when leads go in, but follow-up fizzles - learn how to easily fix your process so you create a sales generation machine to consistently fill your pipeline with qualified job leads…all year long.

Will Customer Comments Catapult or Crush You?

Geoff Graham, CEO & Founder of Guild Quality, shares tips to help contractors, remodelers, and all home pros manage their online reputation and use it as a lead generator and sales closer. Most of your potential customers are researching service professionals online, looking for any excuse not to hire them. See how you can combat this by showing off all the great work you do.

10 Things Every Remodeler Should Know About Internet Marketing

Internet marketing expert Sarah Shelley, from Bring Me My Leads, shares, in 'non-techno-babble', top tips proven to get remodelers' sites found, convert shoppers into buyers, and receive free online advertising.

Remodel Your Sales Calls: How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Close More Deals

22-year industry veteran and Big 50 Remodeler Brian Leader shares tried-and-true methods along with fresh new ideas used by the most successful home improvement companies to engage customers, nurture relationships and close profitable deals.

30 Ways to Beat Your Competition Tomorrow

Industry marketing and sales expert Kyle Hunt, President of Remodel Your Marketing and creator of The Excellence Club, gives tips on way you can beat your competition and close more deals.

Winning at Home Shows: How to Generate More Leads and Get a Big Pay-off

22-year industry veteran and marketing expert, Tim Nagle, President of Remodel Buddy, a sales and marketing coaching company for contractors, provides tips to help you double your home show sales.

Finance, Legal and Compliance

The Profitability Equation: The Formula to Achieve the Income You Deserve

A recent study revealed that only 33% of contractors actually make a profit every year. That means almost 70% of those in the home improvement industry are working hard, but haven’t found the right formula or cracked the profitability code. In this webinar, home improvement experts share what it takes to get profitable and continually grow your income.

How to Avoid Government Attacks and Class Actions in 2012

Contractors - are you looking for quality legal tips from a lawyer but don't have one on retainer? View our latest legal webinar where D.S. Berenson provides legal advice for contractors and speaks on how to avoid government attacks and class actions in 2012.

How to Streamline RRP Compliance and be Audit-Ready, For Less. (With Partner Kachina)

We share how we’ve made it easier and less time consuming and costly to adhere to RRP requirements, track key dates and actions, access and store documents, get live assistance and more. We've partnered with Kachina Lead Paint Solutions to make it simple to organize, automate and grow your business while protecting it from lead paint fines.

Home Improvement Financing: What's Hot Now, 2012 Outlook

The VP of GE Money, the leading authority in home improvement finance, talks tips on how financing
can increase sales 50% today.