4 Types of Employees You Need (and 4 You Don’t)

hr remodeling contractor software tipsThere’s a new article on Inc.com covers the 4 types of workers to look for when it comes to your home improvement business… as well as types to avoid like the plague.

My favorite – and I believe a person every small company should have – is The Passionate One. From the article:

1. The Passionate One. Passion is not skill or experience; it’s a genuine desire and interest in a given field. You can be passionate about your field even before you have professional experience or tangible examples of your work. While experience is an important consideration, if you’re looking for long-term additions to your team, passion can’t be substituted. Finding someone truly passionate about his or her work means you’ll never have to worry about that person losing interest or failing to come up with new ideas. Passionate employees are the ones who go out of their way to improve their performance and execute superior work–so find employees who are passionate about their industry and passionate about your company.

Read the rest of the Inc.com article on their site. One thing not mentioned in the article – there can be downsides to a few of the top 4 types (and upsides to the 4 to avoid) so keep them in mind.

For example, the Passionate One can be the type to take failures very seriously and even personally. S/he can also be quick to “burn out” because they have so much invested in the business and the work being done.

But, we’re all human with our own quirks and foibles that come with the territory. Tell me what you think about their list in the comments below!


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