5 of your Employees Who Should Get a Raise Today

Giving a Raise to Home Improvement Business StaffInc. has a recent online article that easily applies to home improvement companies called “5 Employees You Should Give a Raise to Immediately“.

A few of those 5 employees are fairly obvious, like Number 1, “The One Who Brings in the Most Revenue”. But a couple of them are ones you might not have considered:

2. The one with an invaluable skill

Some things can’t be learnt, such as a personality that your customers adore all day. If, for example, your receptionist instantly brightens everyone’s day and you’ve had floods of compliments about him, he deserves a perk. More than fitting into the company culture, helping to define it for the better is something that can’t be replaced.

And here’s probably the most important one. If you don’t have someone like this on your team, you should be concerned:

5. The one who you want to run things one day

Do you see CEO, executive director or another lofty title in the future of one of your workers? They might just be honing their skills now, but you don’t want to lose them to bigger and better things. Consider the future of the company when you’ll no longer be running it. If you think the future CEO is already in the mix, seal the deal now.

Your employees are the face of your company. They can make or break you because they’re the ones doing the work. For the ones who are really making it happen, take care of them and they’ll take care of you and your home improvement business.

Check out the article to see the other top workers who deserve a raise today!

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