Are You Doing Social Media Right? [Infographic]

I’ve found a great infographic on how to create the optimal social media post – depending on which platform you use…

As you know, each of the social media platforms are unique. Facebook focuses on positive and uplifting updates, videos and photos. Twitter limits you to 140 characters, but you can also add photos and short Vine videos. YouTube is, of course, just for video. Pinterest is primarily image-based. Houzz is designed for home improvement companies to feature their work and give ideas to homeowners.

This infographic from MyCleverAgency tells you the best way to post your updates. And it gives you the best times to post.

Remember, whenever possible, don’t use these platforms to sell. Use them to show your work, demonstrate your expertise, educate your followers, and maybe even entertain them. But don’t sell – it’s not why your potential customers are visiting these sites and “friending” your business.


facebook marketing for home improvement contractors

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