Are You Following Your Customers Through the Sales Cycle?

sales appointment reminders for home improvement companiesI had an appointment with an installer last night. He was supposed to measure my front door to replace it with one I’m purchasing from a big box retailer. (I would install it myself but my wife doesn’t like the fact that our bedroom door – which I did install – doesn’t… lock as easily as it should.) 

But this guy didn’t show up. 

I raced home early. I waited. I cleaned my garage. I hate cleaning my garage. 

I am not a happy camper. 

The lesson here should be that you need to have a total focus on your entire business. As the owner or manage of a home improvement business, many of you concentrate on generating leads and setting those appointments with your sales team.

You might celebrate how many hot new leads you’re bringing in, how many appointments were set, and the number of sales that were closed. 

But your must go beyond the sale. There must be a set of steps in place that will encompass the entire customer life-cycle  Your business must have a verifiable and repeatable process for each project. Now, it does require some effort to create this checklist – and to follow-up on that checklist – as you take customers through this cycle…. from lead to completion of the project. 

  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for every step in your process
  • Develop a plan that everyone on your team will follow
  • Follow that plan and check off every item on the list to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Repeat the steps with every customer

In my case, I would have loved to have received a phone call or a confirmation e-mail from the installer on the day of the measuring appointment. 

An automated text or email should have gone to the installer, reminding him of the appointment. 

If you’ve got a CRM system, you could set up an automated reminder to be sent to the installer to “result” that measurement meeting. IF he doesn’t close that task, a warning should go out to the project coordinator to follow-up with him. And with me. 

You can see how having an automated template for every job would come in handy. 

Appointment_Schedule_ScreenshotBut what I’m assuming happened is the person who scheduled the appointment on the phone with me scribbled a note down on a Post-it! note and gave it to the installer. The installer put the sticky note on his binder and it fell off in his truck during the day. 

And no one called me or showed up. 

And… they’ll never realize they forgot about me. But they’ll be scratching their heads when they’ve got no money and are going out of business a few years (or months down the road.)

They sure won’t be getting a second chance with me. 

If you’d like to take a tour of the improveit! 360 all-in-one business management tool, we’ll show you how our CRM system forces you to create a process that you’ll follow every time. No leads will fall through the cracks and no appointments will fall through either. 

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And if you’d like to schedule a personal demo – where we show you how to set up reminder e-mails and automate the entire process – we can help as well. Talk to a Success Coach today: 


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One response to “Are You Following Your Customers Through the Sales Cycle?

  1. I simply loved your post! Your example was so on target, and shows yet again, another way that some processes can be automated, and how CRM software, and templates make the process fast and efficient. With everyone trying to do more with less, and multitasking, it is hard enough to keep track of what you are currently working on, no less trying to be on top of what each service provider is doing. But this clearly shows how in this one application alone, it could have resulted in a sale, and another new customer.

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