Bye-Bye Bad Leads: How to Effectively Measure Lead Source Performance at Your Home Improvement Company

Put your marketing dollars to better use and pay for leads that are more likely to convert by determining which lead sources have the best ROI.

comparing lead sources

As a home improvement company, you know that lead generation plays a crucial role in your business’s success. Without good leads in your pipeline, your conversion rates will suffer, your ROI will shrink, and you’ll wind up with some pretty frustrated sales reps. The good news is, there is a way to make sure that you’re investing in the right lead sources for your home improvement company.  Sitting on the edge of your seat? Fine, we’ll spill. Your secret weapon for measuring lead source ROI is improveit 360: a customizable CRM platform built specifically for contractors.

Measuring Your Lead Source ROI with improveit 360

You won’t find a CRM system more powerful than improveit 360. With this platform, you can track your lead sources, leads, appointments, sales, and projects all in one place and use powerful reporting to gain insights into each of these areas of your operations. That said, you can easily leverage improveit 360 to measure the performance of the lead sources you pay for, allowing you to better identify which sources to keep – and which to kick to the curb. Here’s how that works:


1. You track your lead sources in improveit 360.

Tracking lead sources in improveit 360 is a piece of cake – it just involves some simple data entry. When entering your lead sources into improveit 360, you can capture information like:

    • The time frame in which you collected leads from that source (for example: if you attended a 3-day home show in April, you could enter 4/1/21 as your source ‘start date’ and 4/4/21 as your source ‘end date’).
    • What the cost for the lead source was (for example: the cost of the booth you rented at a home show).
    • When you paid for the source – why is this important? So that you can track when you invested your money in a lead source vs. when you get a return on that investment.

2. You track lead, appointment, and sale information in improveit 360.

With improveit 360, you can capture new lead information manually or automatically. Let us explain. You can either enter key information about the lead yourself, or you can set up ‘eLead integrations’ within improveit 360 to capture information automatically.

eLead integrations simply allow lead information from providers like Home Advisor, Modernize, Facebook, Angie’s List, and even your website to flow directly into your improveit 360 system. Once you have a new lead, you can use improveit 360 to set an appointment, record a sale, build a project, and track information for those respective actions within the system.

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3. improveit 360 does the rest.

Every improveit 360 system comes with several reports that home pros can use to gain a 360-degree view into their businesses – one being the ‘Source Cost Performance’ report. Using this report, you can compare all leads collected, appointments set, and sales made in a certain time frame against all marketing sources paid for in a certain time frame, ultimately providing you with important insights into your lead sources such as:

    • Cost per Lead
    • Cost per Demo
    • Cost per Sale
    • ROI and more


With extensive data about lead source performance at your fingertips, you’ll have no problem determining what your best lead sources are so you can put your marketing dollars to better use. And once you have better leads in your pipeline, you can leverage improveit 360 to increase ROI by converting more sales with the system’s lead nurturing, estimating, and scheduling tools. 

To learn more about how improveit 360 can help you track lead sources and improve your ROI, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!