From Start to Finish: How to Do Production Status Updates Right at Your Home Improvement Company

Effectively communicate with your customers and internal staff throughout every project phase with a solution built exclusively for your business.

Project management isn’t exactly a walk in the park – especially in the home improvement industry. From coordinating with subcontractors, to scheduling with homeowners, to managing materials and deadlines, it’s safe to say that there are a lot of moving parts with any home improvement project – all of which require smart planning, organization, and most importantly, consistent and streamlined communication. That being said, using technology at your home improvement company can ensure that everyone involved on a job stays on the same page, increasing your chances of delivering a successful project that exceeds customer expectations. 


How To Establish Effective Project Communications With improveit 360

With improveit 360’s industry-specific CRM system, home pros can use tools designed to help ensure that every project goes off without a hitch. If poor communication is bogging your projects down and creating unnecessary conflict and confusion, consider how improveit 360 can help:


    • Streamline Project Updates:

When an important step in a project has been completed, notifying other team members quickly can keep the project moving and on time. With improveit 360, users can take advantage of project templates to track key details – like the start date, deadline, assignee, and status – of every project activity. The best part, however, is that these project activities can be accessed on improveit 360’s mobile application. This means that when your employees are out in the field, they can easily mark an activity as completed as soon as it’s done or provide updates on the progress of a project activity, which will then be instantly reflected across all other users’ improveit 360 devices.

With improveit 360, you can also go a step further and set up automated communications to be sent to a specific user whenever a change is made to a project activity. For example, let’s say you have a project activity in improveit 360 called “Roof Inspection” assigned to an inspector. When he or she completes the inspection and marks that activity as complete in improveit 360, the system has the capability to send an automated email to the project manager for example, notifying them that it’s time to schedule the installation with the homeowner.


    • Relay Project Appointment Information

Many home improvement projects require you to visit the home several times, meaning you’ll have to coordinate a day/time to visit the jobsite with the homeowner on several occasions. To prevent confusion around these appointments and ensure nothing is missed, it’s crucial that your home improvement company leverages some sort of communication to remind homeowners and team members about an upcoming appointment.

With improveit 360, home pros can leverage automated emails and text messaging to confirm appointments with field staff and the customer when an appointment is scheduled, as well as send reminders as an appointment approaches. Additionally, these communications can be easily customized to include any relevant information about the appointment that can help increase efficiency. For example, if you’re completing a bathroom remodel, you may need the homeowner to turn their water off – something that you can notify them of prior to showing up for the appointment via your appointment reminder.


Ultimately, improveit 360’s industry-specific CRM system can help your home improvement company keep a job on time (and therefore, on budget) by strengthening how you communicate during the job process. And outside of effective project communications, improveit 360 can offer your business several tools designed to streamline project management. Whether you need a better way to track change orders, project Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), or job costs, improveit 360’s powerful CRM platform has you covered.


To learn more about improveit 360’s project-specific tools, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!