Is Your Field Team Ready for a Busy 2020?

Early signs indicate that 2020 may end up being as busy or even busier for home improvement pros than 2019!  This is great news considering early indications were contrary.

With the potential for even more business, are you giving your field teams the resources they need to be successful? The most valuable resource they have, and are already using, are their mobile devices. Mobile devices keep teams organized, productive, accountable and provide a great customer experience if used during customer interactions.


When you send someone out into the field with a stack of forms and pamphlets, you are leaving it up to them to organize themselves.

Depending on your field rep, this could go south one of two ways.

  • You are handicapping your reps who have a harder time with organization but are otherwise great salespeople. These reps are already behind because of their under-developed organizational skills.
  • You may have different reps with varying organization tactics. How do you implement standardized processes and streamline your business?

Providing your reps with an app that could auto load daily tasks assigned to them and provide necessary information on their upcoming appointments creates synergy by driving everyone to use the same system in the same manner. This will work wonders for creating predictability to the results of your sales efforts.


If your field reps are using handwritten forms to make sales, how long does it take to get that information back to the office for approval?

Using a mobile app connected to your CRM system, allows your office staff to view real-time results of their field rep’s appointments. You could have a sale approved in minutes and order materials before your field rep makes it to their next appointment.


Everyone is familiar with mobile devices. Your employees use them, and honestly, you do too. There is a good chance you’re reading this on one right now. Odds are, your customers have already researched your company on a mobile device.

Picture this: Two sales reps from two different companies make their pitches. One is using paper and a clipboard, while the other uses a mobile app featuring photos, videos and live quoting.

  • Which do you think someone who is fluent in modern technology would prefer?
  • Do you think they would make inferences about the company that was willing to adapt and invest in technology to make their business run better?
  • Are you willing to risk your next sale on the answer to these questions?

Investing in a solid mobile app for your field reps not only provides them with the tools necessary to handle a large influx of business, it will help you keep an eye on what is going on in the field through real-time resulting, and also enable you to better relate to your increasingly tech savvy customers.