There’s a hole in the bucket

It’s that time of year! All the home improvement businesses are slammed. Production queues are full, and crews are working at capacity. This time of the year is slightly challenging for us because our prospective customers are all so busy. They feel like they don’t have time to engage.  All of them really need to pause NOW and look at our business optimization platform built specifically for home improvement because we really WILL make their business more organized, efficient, and profitable.

Sorry for the plug, I’m in marketing, I can’t help myself.

There is a small problem with the idea of being too busy to look at your processes and make sure you aren’t missing any opportunities and losing revenue.

The best time to check your bucket for a hole is when it is full.

Customers are flying at you left and right. Business is booming and you’re trying to get all your projects in before the eventual slowdown in the fall. You develop a “head down/push through” attitude because there’s so much to do and only so many hours in the day.

This is precisely the time you should be pulling reports and taking a hard look at your processes. Odds are, if there is an inefficiency or weak point in your system, it will be more obvious when you are at peak capacity.

Most people wait for business to slow down before they start evaluating their company. The problem is, most systemic problems are manageable when business is slow. This allows you to think “I can handle this, it’s not such a big deal that I have to look for a new system.”

But the same little issues when you are slow can become giant, gaping, money-sucking holes when you are busy…like you are now. Finding those holes now, when they are more apparent, will help you form a plan of attack for when you have the time to attack it.

The sooner the better.

How much is an “acceptable” amount of money to lose during your busy season?

Who knows, the changes you begin now, could not only help you make more money but actually allow you to enjoy next summer and not just put your head down to get through it.