How One Home Pro is Closing More Sales

When you get a chance, check out the latest podcast from the folks over at g4 Marketing Group.  This episode features one of our customers, Aaron Magden, the co-owner of Window Nation, talking about what he and his brother Harley did to grow the company from a single location to over 8 locations. According to the podcast description, “Aaron’s success relied on his ability to systematize the sales process so he could grow, train, and manage the sales teams for each additional office location.”

We’re always ones to preach the systematization of all your processes. That’s how you can be sure that all incoming leads are handled the same way every time. How all appointments are run the same way. And even all projects are done the same way, over and over, whenever possible.

For example, our system requires the appointment setter to enter a result for every lead they’re assigned.

If they call a homeowner and get no answer, they must mark the call disposition (with the simple click of a button) in the improveit 360 system. The prospect will be pushed down the queue to be called again at a later time or date and the rep can automatically call the next prospect in the campaign. Once a rep reaches a homeowner and they schedule a time, the setter simply creates an appointment on the shared calendar for a sales rep to be assigned.

All of this means that leads are followed-up on until they set an appointment and none fall through the cracks. It’s a great way to make sure your team treats every task or reminder the same way.

If the sales rep doesn’t close the deal on the first attempt, they’re required to schedule a reminder to set a second appointment. And it’s the same for the project manager who is required to assign someone the task to visit the home for a measurement or to set a reminder to schedule the install.

Having the required processes built-in for each department improves the internal and external communications and helps ensure customer satisfaction. This leads to more repeat business  and happy referrals! It’s also a great way to make sure your people are doing what they need to do… even if you’re not in the office to oversee it all.

To find out more on how improveit 360 provides the needed processes for your home improvement business, set up a personal demo for a deeper dive into our system.