How Your Home Improvement Business Can Use a Mobile App to Improve Your Operations

We live in a world where you can watch Netflix, measure your heart rate, and even start your car from your phone, so why not also successfully manage your remodeling business from your phone?

Nowadays, more and more companies across the home improvement industry are turning to digital technology to support their businesses. And while using a CRM system alone can drastically improve your operations, using a CRM system that offers a mobile application can positively transform the way you run your company!

How? Well for starters, a mobile CRM software will deliver a lot of the same functionality as your full CRM system. As long as you have an internet connection, many CRM mobile applications will let you manage several aspects of your operations like your prospect and customer data, communications, and important documents from just about anywhere. With improveit 360, an industry-specific CRM system built for home improvement pros, users can leverage the CRM’s mobile application to capture images of the home on-site to send to the office, or find nearby homeowners that you’ve worked with, in real time.  


Everyone In Your Home Improvement Business Can Benefit

In addition to providing managers and leadership with another tool for managing their teams and operations, a CRM mobile application can benefit your field teams, office staff, and most importantly, your customers. To learn how a mobile app can improve your operations by creating a more flexible work environment, bridging the connection gap between employees, and elevating your customer’s experience, consider the following:


Increase Productivity in the Field

A mobile app will not only give your sales and production teams more flexibility in their work environment, but can also amp up field productivity in the following ways:

      • With a mobile CRM application, your sales teams can access data from the field in real time, ensuring they’re always armed with the most up-to-date information when meeting with prospects and helping them sell smarter.
      • Instead of calling into the office to relay appointment information, your reps can use a mobile CRM to instantly capture notes about a sales call. Improveit 360’s mobile app will even automatically create a next step depending on how the appointment went, giving your reps more time back to focus on other leads in their pipeline.
      • Your production staff can utilize a mobile CRM app to make immediate updates to the status of a job, manage their crews’ schedules, and access, capture or organize important project-related files like photos of the home.


Keep Your Employees Connected

Lags or missed communications can be common with remote sales reps or production staff. If you’re struggling to keep your office and field teams on the same page, a mobile CRM application can help by means of the following:

      • A mobile CRM can create shared visibility across your organization-something supervisors and managers need with remote staff. With a cloud-based CRM system like improveit 360, your users can view other team members activity in real time and stay in the loop on the day-to-day bustle. For example, if a new sale is entered into improveit 360’s mobile app, desktop users will be able to see that information instantly as well as who entered it.
      • A mobile CRM solution allows you to transfer information with ease from the office to sales and production staff, and vice versa. With improveit 360’s mobile CRM app, office employees can instantly communicate new information like scope of work changes or new lead information to your staff in the field in real-time.


Give Customers a Better Experience

Apart from your internal organization, your customers will also reap the rewards of your team going mobile. For your customer, a mobile CRM can improve their experience with your company in the following ways:

      • With access to real-time data, your employees can use a CRM mobile app to provide clients with the information they need on-site and quickly update any outdated information.
      • Mobile CRM applications can eliminate some of the tiresome back and forth that often occurs during the sales process. From improveit 360’s mobile app, your staff can review and modify quotes on-site with the homeowner and manage project scope of work changes efficiently. Plus, improveit 360’s integration with PaySimple allows your teams to securely accept payments from the field, ultimately reducing the likelihood of payment disputes.



As mobile technology really is changing the way businesses operate, we recommend hopping on the bandwagon sooner rather than later! There’s no need to worry about your data being breached either- mobile CRM apps like improveit 360’s leverage multi-factor authentication to keep your valuable customer and employee information secure.

To learn more about how improveit 360’s industry-specific desktop and mobile CRM applications can benefit your home improvement business and improve your operations, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!