4 Ways You Can Save Time on Roofing Sales with improveit 360’s Roofing Package

Improveit 360's Roofing package

Improveit 360 is excited to announce the release of our first, industry-specific software configuration package. These packages will target specific trades in the home renovation and remodeling industries, and add efficient, best-practice workflows to your improveit 360 software. Our first package, the improveit 360 Roofing Package, brings valuable time-savings and automation to your roofing sales workflows.

With the improveit 360 Roofing package, you can save time with:

  • Fast Roof Estimate Building
  • Material List PDF Creation 
  • Automated Dumpster and Material Drop-off Emails 
  • Warranty Tracking and More! 

This year has brought material and labor shortages, inclement weather, and many other challenges facing roofing companies.  With all that to consider, you don’t have resources – or time – to waste. Luckily, the improveit 360 Roofing package is here to give you some of your time back.

Fast, Accurate Roof Quotes

With improveit 360’s Roofing Package, you’re able to build accurate quotes using your products and pricing and use those quotes to generate material lists for suppliers in minutes. Our quoting tool also makes it simple to ensure that your quote hits your desired profit margin, simply add your desired percentage to the Profit Margin field, and the quote total will be updated to reflect that margin.

Improveit 360's Quoting Tool

Material Lists Ready in Minutes

After you have your customers’ approval on their quote, you can generate a material list for your quote with a few quick clicks. The Material List PDF will include all of the materials on your quote, along with the quantities needed for your job.  

Material lists for suppliers and crews

This works great for suppliers, or your warehouse crews obviously, but it also serves as an on-site checklist for your installation crews. Send a copy to the foreman or site-lead and make sure they take delivery of the correct materials and amounts. No one has time to re-order or wait on more materials to arrive.

Automatically Draft Your Pre-Install Emails

Speaking of materials, the improveit 360 Roofing Package also includes email templates for material drop-offs, weather delays, and even dumpster delivery! You can alert customers and crews to the date and location of their material and dumpster deliveries with a few simple clicks or have improveit 360 send them automatically. Improveit 360 Email Templates pull in and display critical project data like the Delivery Location and Date, so there’s no need to re-enter information into each email.

Track Warranty Information Effortlessly

Tracking transferable warranties can be a time consuming headache. But, with improveit 360’s Roofing Package, your software stores all the relevant information on the warranties you provide, and makes it easy to transfer between property owners, so you’re never searching your records to service a claim.

Screenshot of adding warranty term in improveit 360

If you’d like to see all the features of the improveit 360 Roofing Package and request it be added to your account, visit Support.Improveit360.com today and submit a ticket to begin the process!

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