You Asked, We Listened – New Enhancements Are Here!


At improveit 360, we’re committed to two things: an ever-changing system and the success of our customers.

For that reason, we’ve been leveraging our customer’s valuable feedback to develop impressive product enhancements. Now, improveit 360 users have access to the following enhancements:


Attachment Manager

Locating files and attachments is easier with improveit 360’s new Attachment Manager

Improveit 360 already makes it simple to store important documents, photos, PDFs and other attachments for a customer, but now you have a one-stop shop for all files! With the Attachment Manager, users can quickly locate important items related to every appointment, quote, sale and product install by filtering by attachment type and interaction type. If you know exactly what document you’re looking for, you can locate that file instantly using the Attachment Manager’s search bar!

improveit 360 Attachment Manager


Quick Sale

Increase efficiency by creating multiple records at once with improveit 360’s Quick Sale feature

If your business runs a showroom or collects fees over the phone, you may have had to quickly create a new Sale record. For users struggling to do just that, Quick Sale is now the answer. While not brand new, the Quick Sale feature has been revamped for an improved user interface. With Quick Sale, users can simultaneously create Prospect, Lead Source and Appointment records that immediately land on a New Sale record. By removing the need to result an appointment or navigate through several records, your employees will save time while making you money.


Prospect and Customer Timeline

Know exactly what’s happening with your customers with improveit 360’s Prospect and Customer Timeline

With the new Prospect and Customer Timeline feature, you can get a chronological view of any customer’s activity. Using the timeline’s accordion-style format, users can drill into Parent records, like Projects, and expand all Child records, like Project Activities and Project Costs. If you just need to see key customer information, collapse the timeline for a cleaner high-level view. The timeline itself can even display custom fields, so you can view the data most pertinent to your business. 


Zendesk Bot

Get instant support right inside your improveit 360 platform with the updated Zendesk Bot

Located on nearly every page in improveit 360, the Zendesk bot offers Admin Users a more direct avenue of support by removing the need to switch systems. Depending on the inquiry, the bot will return relevant articles from our extensive knowledge base, or prompt you to open a ticket with our support team. 


This is just the beginning for improveit 360 product enhancements for 2020, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! We remain dedicated to creating an unparalleled experience through our platform, and are committed to your success. 

Have questions regarding upcoming feature updates, or have feedback you’d like to share? Contact your success manager, we love hearing from you!