What’s New: Product Enhancements for improveit 360 

The last few months have been a busy time at improveit 360. We’ve launched a variety of updates to our software. Our latest product enhancements streamline project management and amplify prospect communication workflows. The goal, as always, is to give users the best possible experience in our CRM.  

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in improveit 360!

Upload Multiple Attachments to a Project Simultaneously  

The improveit 360 Attachment Manager has received product enhancements. Previously, users had to upload files individually. This could create a time-consuming process as many projects need dozens of collateral files.  

Users can now upload multiple attachments simultaneously. In the attachment uploader, simply select all the relevant images and documents and quickly add them to your project. This saves users from performing repetitive steps and streamlines project management. 

A screenshot of the upload and preview process with the updated attachment manager.
Upload and preview multiple files with the updated Attachment Manager

Inbound and Outbound Texts Added to Prospect Timeline 

Most potential customers require multiple touchpoints to land the sale. Conversations with leads can stretch across days, weeks, even months. To give you improved visibility into your communications with your customers, improveit 360 now stores outbound text messages your team sends as well as inbound replies on the prospect timeline page. 

Before reaching out to a lead, visit their prospect timeline to review past text communications. This eliminates confusion when multiple team members follow up with a lead. Further, it provides a convenient way to keep the conversation relevant and moving forward.   

A screenshot of See the enhanced Prospect Timeline
See both inbound and outbound texts, as well as all other relevant details in the enhanced Prospect Timeline

New Fields on Marketing Opportunity Objects 

With one of the new product enhancements, Enterprise accounts will now have increased visibility into their leads. When a new lead enters improveit 360, they come in as a Marketing Opportunity Object. A variety of data fields provide context around the lead, like name and contact info. Three additional data fields have been added to provide more insight into where the lead came from and where they are in the sales funnel.  

The new fields include Campaign Name, Times Called, and Next Re-Call Date. This means that at-a-glance, you can see which marketing campaign generated the lead, your next follow-up call, and how many times the lead has been contacted. By tracking total calls, enterprise clients will be able to gauge the effectiveness of their call campaigns and troubleshoot ineffective strategies.  

A screenshot of the new fields added to Marketing Opportunity Objects
New, Call-Campaign focused fields bring better visibility into the effectiveness of your campaigns

Learn More About Our Product Updates 

Already an improveit 360 users? Get the complete scope on these enhancements as well as the latest bug fixes. Read the full update release notes at Support.improveit360.com.  

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