The Top 4 CRM Integrations Your Home Improvement Company Needs to Streamline Processes This Busy Season

Just like Sonny and Cher, your different business software can bring out the best in each other when they work together.

In today’s world, CRM software integrations are pretty much essential for managing your business effectively. You know what happens when you don’t integrate your different systems together? 

Let us paint a picture for you:

When your systems aren’t integrated together, your employees are forced to enter data into multiple places, extending the time it takes to complete tasks and increasing the chance of error. And since data is being transferred manually from system to system, you’re going to have a lack of real-time information, making it difficult to get an accurate view into business performance. Oh, and with your business data spread across a bunch of systems, you’ll have a real fun time trying to locate the information you want.

crm software integration

This is already turning out to be a not so pretty picture, and we haven’t even mentioned the fact that maintaining multiple platforms can get expensive and require constant upgrades. If you want to avoid all of that nonsense, then just pull the trigger and integrate your CRM with your other systems. Trust us, you’ll save time and quite frankly, your sanity too.


Integrating with improveit 360

improveit 360, an industry-specific CRM, is a popular business management platform among home improvement businesses due to the system’s extensive integration potential. If you adopt improveit 360 at your company, integrating with these 4 software types can help you get through the busy season successfully:

1. Payment Processing Software

Combining the power of a payment processing software and with your CRM allows you to store customer payment information and collect subsequent payments or set up payment plans all from the same place. With improveit 360’s integration with PaySimple, the leading payment management solution for home services companies, you’ll be able to provide your sales reps and installers with an easy way to collect payments in the field using the improveit 360 mobile app. Ultimately, integrating with a payment processing software can help you increase visibility into incoming and outstanding cash flows, reduce payment acceptance fees and costs, and deliver your customers with a better payment experience.


2. Invoicing or Accounting Software

Accounting software integrations, like improveit 360’s integration with QuickBooks, enables you to streamline your accounting process by automatically communicating customer, sale, and receipt information. The biggest benefit of this type of integration is the fact that you only have to enter sale and received payment information in one place, limiting the amount of data entry and thus, human error.


3. Calling Software

Integrating a calling software with your CRM system will empower you to cycle through cold calls quicker and reach more homeowners in less time. Plus, call details and links to the recorded call are logged automatically for future reference and visibility, reporting, and training opportunities. Currently, improveit 360 integrates with RingCentral and Five9, two of the most powerful calling software systems out there.


4. Proposal and Document Software

Leveraging documentation integrations, like improveit 360 and DocuSign’s integration for example, creates a simple, fast, and reliable way for you to obtain customer signatures. And you’ll have the ability to pull customer information from improveit 360’s CRM directly into your documents, saving you time that you can put towards other, more important tasks.



Better, Together

The bottom line is that your business tools will work more effectively when you allow them to communicate with each other and work together. Plus, doing so will also make it a heck of a lot easier to exchange information – and that’s the understatement of the year. To really make the most of software integrations, it’s key to use a CRM system that’s designed to integrate with other platforms, so that your prospect and customer information is in the same centralized place as your other business data. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: that CRM system is improveit 360.


To learn more about what software you can integrate with improveit 360 (and yes, there’s a lot) schedule a demo with one of our team members!