What should home improvement professionals look for in a CRM system?

Your remodeling business needs a CRM system that fits your processes, can integrate with your other business software, and be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

You can search the internet all you want, but if you don’t know the key features you should be looking for in a CRM system, you won’t have much luck finding one that works well with your home improvement business. So, relax, take a deep breath, and remove your Sherlock Holmes thinking cap; the following can serve as a guide for what home pros need in a CRM system:

1. Software that’s “Industry-Specific”, but Still Customizable

Why settle for a cookie-cutter system when you could have a platform tailored to the industry you work in? Several CRM’s come with features designed for certain verticals, like improveit 360, a platform built for pros in the home improvement industry. And the best part about improveit 360 is that while it does offer a suite of tools personalized to contractors and remodelers – like its Search-Nearby functionality created to help find unsold leads in a specified area – it’s still a highly customizable platform. Ultimately, with a system like improveit 360, you’ll get the best of both words: software built with industry best practices in mind, but also software that can be customized to best fit your unique business.

2. The Power to Integrate

When your employees are tied up with manual data entry, it’s difficult to maximize efficiency at your company. By using a CRM system that can integrate with your other business software, you can create a way for your systems to talk to each one another and exchange information back and forth. As a result, you’ll give your employees time back to focus on more productive tasks and reduce the amount of data errors that can occur with manual entry. Improveit 360’s CRM system integrates with several systems you may be currently using, like PaySimple, QuickBooks, Leap, RingCentral, and many more. Plus, improveit 360 is constantly adding to their list of integration partners and can even offer you custom development if you want to connect a specific software with improveit 360.

3. Mobile and Desktop Access

Unless your remodeling business can do everything from one room (which, let’s be honest, would require some sort of magic unknown to the rest of the world), your employees are likely spread out across multiple locations: you’ve got sales reps on the road, installers in the field, and management in the office. So, to be as effective as possible, you need a way to seamlessly communicate information to and from those different settings – AKA, a CRM system with both desktop and mobile applications.

With improveit 360, users can use either a desktop or mobile version of the system to view important customer data. Not to mention, users can feel confident that whenever new information is entered, or old information is updated, it’s reflected in real-time across both the desktop and mobile applications. Since using a CRM with a mobile application means you can access the platform anytime AND anywhere, your home improvement company can get more done in less time. For example, after a Sales Rep meets with a homeowner, they can hop on their improveit 360 mobile app, document how the conversation went while it’s fresh on their mind, and instantly pull information for their next appointment.

Leveraging the above information can make your search for a CRM system of heck of a lot easier. But if your goal is to find a CRM system that you can integrate with, access from anywhere, AND tailor to your unique business, then look no further; improveit 360’s cloud-based platform is the all-in-one tool you’ve been searching for.

Let’s see if improveit 360 is the best fit for your home improvement business! Schedule a discovery call with one of our team members today.