Can Social Proof Boost Your Home Improvement Company Sales?

home improvement sales leads adviceYes, it can. 

What is social proof? Wikipedia has a great definition – it’s the “phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation.” 

In layman’s terms… testimonials work. 

It’s social proof to your prospects that their friends and neighbors have chosen to work with you and they should as well. It’s why homeowners flock to sites like Angie’s list and Yelp. Why they read the reviews on for products they are considering. And why they will look closely at your website and sales collateral for proof from others that you’re dependable, hard-working, and great at what you do. 

But, you say, you already have testimonials on your website! 

Is that enough? These days, probably not. Now is the time of high skepticism and trust is hard to come by. How do they know the testimonials are real?

Here are 4 ways you can provide the necessary social proof that will help you close more home improvement or home repair deals:

  • The Whole Truth and Nothing But – don’t just list your customer’s first name, initials, or first name and last initial on a testimonial. Privacy is a big concern for many but let your best customers know how important it is to have their full name listed on their written testimonial. People want to know those clients are real and will be more assured with a full time and city listed. 
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – lots of folks are camera shy. But it will really help your cause if you can get a quick snapshot with your camera or smartphone that proves your customer is real. That testimonial will jump off the page and sing your praises. 
  • Video, Video, Video – okay, this one is a tough sell. But a video testimonial from the people who are happy with you and your work will do wonders for your business and your close rate. Video works and people L-O-V-E video. Just ask YouTube… 
  • If They Have Numbers, Use Them – testimonials that say things like, “It was great! They did a great job!” are nice but they’re not effective. You don’t have to put words in their mouths but you could ask them leading questions – Do your new windows save you money on your energy bills and, if so, how much? When your home was appraised after the kitchen remodel, how much value did you add? When a prospect can see how it will benefit them they’ll sign on the dotted line. 

Good luck and happy selling from improveit! 360.

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