Can Your Remodeling Business Close More Sales with this Technique?

leads for remodeling companiesWe’ve discovered a recent article (thanks to Remodeling magazine) from Small Business Trends that addresses the need for contractors, home service pros, and remodeling companies to make the most of every lead they have in their database. 

Bringing in new leads is neither cheap nor easy. So, it makes sense for those of you in the home improvement industry to continue to market to old leads. Just because they didn’t buy from the first time doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you in the future.

But they need to be reminded of your company once in a while. A great money quote from the article suggests emailing them your newsletter:

If you added the prospect to your mailing list, simply continue sending your newsletters. There is nothing else you can do here except for providing insanely useful advice regularly. I can guarantee you that if you send them quality information in your newsletters, when the time comes they will get in touch with you.

If you’ve already paid for that lead, you should try your hardest to get your money’s worth. Many try to call once or twice in the sales process and it’s just not enough in our busy world.

You could set comb through your spreadsheets or stack of old leads and set reminders to call all your old leads. But if you’re interested in automating the lead process to let our solution handle the work for you, please sign up for a personal, free demo. We’ll show you how to get the most for your old leads without taking up much of your time – you simply set it and forget it!

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  1. This is a good thing to be aware of when you need to hire a remodeling contractor. I liked what you said about how it might be smart to try to find ways to remind people in your area about your business. I have been wanting to do a kitchen remodel for the past few years. I keep looking at different contractors and then forgetting about them when I delay the remodel.

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