Contractor Blogging: Writing the Perfect Headline

Having a blog on your home improvement website is vital – you need to be able to show your expertise to potential customers, to generate organic traffic through SEO, and to make your site “sticky” – which means they stick around by reading all the content.

One big key to having a successful blog is your headline.

Studies show that most people will read the headline but only 20% actually read your blog post.

What helps you boost the number of people who read your post? That’s right… a great headline! So, let’s see how you can generate more organic traffic AND get people to stick around by writing the perfect headline.

Make it the Right Length

Your headline needs to be under 60 characters (not words… characters. Including spaces!) Why? Because your headline for each blog post is what Google indexes and shows in the search results.

Here’s an example:

Contractor Blogging Advice for better SEO

The image above is a recent blog post of ours and our headline is under 60 characters. So, it all shows up when someone does a search.

If you go over 60 characters, the remainder is replaced by an ellipses. Here’s the example:

Contractor Blogging for Home Improvement Companies

So, keep your headlines short and sweet.

Make it Relevant

Besides length, your headline must tell a visitor what the blog post is about. That sounds like common sense, but many will write a headline first and then dive into a blog post that turns out to be something completely different or “off on a tangent”.

Save your headline for last, if you can, or revisit after you complete your post.

Make sure the content of the headline is still relevant.

Make it Intriguing

This is the most important strategy when it comes to writing the perfect headline for your blog post. You’ve got to make people want to open it up, read more, see what it’s all about.

Consider asking a question – it might be a question that a homeowner might already be asking:

  • “Why is my electric bill so high?”
  • “How can I sell my home faster?”
  • “Will remodeling my home boost value?”

Consider making a list:

  • 7 Ways to Cut Energy Costs
  • 4 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast
  • Top 3 Renovations to Boost Home Value

People love lists and you’ll increase your chances that they’ll at least open the blog post and skim the list for answers and ideas.

Consider making the headline vague or add negative words:

  • Never spend more than this when remodeling
  • Ever Seen a DIY FAIL as Bad As This?
  • Top 5 Home Improvements… #2 is Ridiculous

Finally, consider that website visitors tend to scan headlines quickly. KISSmetrics discovered people will read the first 2 or 3 words on the headline and then jump to the last 2 or 3 words.

For example, from my recent blog post, they’ll most likely absorb the first 2 words and the last 2:

Contractor Blog Advice to Increase SEO Success

Hopefully, your word placement will make it intriguing enough for the person to click on the link or click on the headline when scanning your blog.  So, put your juiciest words at the beginning and also at the end of your headline for better results.

Focus on your headlines and spend a little extra time to make them perfect. You’ll get a lower bounce rate on visitors to your site and you’ll have a higher click-through rate to keep them on your site longer.

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