Contractor CRM improves your Sales Team Performance

home improvement business softwareA customer relationship management (CRM) tool can boost the functionality of your sales staff as well as your bottom line. 

CRM technology is not just for large B2B corporations any longer. More and more, home improvement companies are relying on CRM software solutions to generate more sales and cut costs.

Localize All Your Information
Having all your notes, contact information, permits, change orders, photos warranties, and all your other customer documentation in one place will make your sales team more efficient and effective. 

Sales employees can quickly see all the data, all at once, inside a CRM system. They simply look up the homeowner and it’s all right there in front of them. No more searching through filing cabinets, desk drawers, and boxes in a back supply closet. 

Increase Sales
CRM systems are designed to help sales pros better track and manage their leads. Automatic reminders nudge them to call and e-mail prospects. Leads stay in the pipeline and can be continuously nurtured until they buy. 

When your sales people work paper lead sheets, there are no automated reminders to follow up. Unless they create an appointment in Outlook or Google Calendar, they’ll stuff their leads in a drawer somewhere and forget about them. Most CRM software forces your sales team to follow up and can be set up to send out automated e-mails to keep your company name on the homeowner’s mind. 

Cut Costs
Generating new leads is expensive. Your marketing costs eat away at your bottom line. Many have estimated that leads can cost home improvement companies over $300 each. So, if your team is converting more leads to sales, and not letting them fall through the cracks, then you’re going to need spend fewer marketing dollars. 

And the localization – having everything in one place – saves them time and… time is money. Most sales systems also have built-in processes that your staff have to follow. This keeps them organized so they’re doing less paperwork and selling more (well, in a perfect world!) 

Bring in More Revenue
CRM technology allows your sales team to maintain a strong grip on each sales opportunity. How? Because of the strict processes that must be followed, they’re able to track the homeowner at every point along their decision to buy. They’re able to see where the prospects might be dropping out of the pipeline, which might alert them to a problem.

They can send out a coupon only after the homeowner has dragged their feet too long because of budget reasons. They can send out valuable content at a certain point – like a free guide on how to increase property values or save money during winter – that will push them into the next phase of the sales process. And much of this will be automated by the CRM system.

Run More Effective Marketing Campaigns
With the right CRM system, you’ll have a lot of “out of the box” reports to show you and your sales staff what campaigns are working. You can throw more money into the marketing leads to more sales. And you can turn off the campaigns that might generate a lot of leads, but those leads never convert. 

You’ll also see the effectiveness of your sales staff with the CRM reporting functions. You can see what products sell best, which sales pro has the highest conversions, which jobs are most profitable, and so much more. 

There are so many advantages of having a CRM system in place for remodeling and home improvement companies. But it’s going to be very important to make sure your sales team use any solution you put in place. If they don’t see the benefits, they’ll go back using their spreadsheets, paper, or worse…. Post-it notes. 

They’ll not only need training but they’ll need motivation to use it and keep using it. But once they buy in and use the CRM technology on a daily basis – – you’ll begin to see a huge change in your company and in your profits. 

If you’d like a personal demo of the improveit! 360 CRM system, contact one of our Success Coaches at 866-421-3360. Or, fill out the Free Demo form on our website.  


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