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Track and Manage Your Sales Leads with improveit 360

Are you following up with every homeowner after you give an estimate? improveit 360 was designed exclusively for contractors, remodelers and home pros to helps them manage leads, cut spending on marketing, boost sales, and provide lead source reporting. Did you know 48% of sales reps never follow-up with prospects? 24% make a second attempt at contact and then stop. Only 10% make more than attempts!

Our powerful home improvement sales lead software requires consistent follow-up with homeowners until they’re ready to buy. You’ll increase earnings and reduce your marketing spend. Take a few minutes to explore our cutting-edge lead management and follow-up features:


To see how improveit 360 has helped home improvement contractors track and manage their sales leads to grow their businesses, watch this brief testimonial from your home improvement peers:



How One Home Pro Closes More Deals with our Sales Follow-up Requirement after They’ve Provided an Estimate: 

construction mobile apps3 Blind Mice, in San Diego, loves that the improveit 360 system requires them to follow up with every homeowner. If you see a client and give them a proposal but you don’t sell it, you’re required to put down what happened and the system automatically creates a Marketing Opportunity that you’re going to, say, call them back in a week. Then it gives you a notification to call this person a week later. So while I’m driving between appointments, I make my calls and follow up with them. And it’s all right there on my phone. Before I call, I can look up their information and refresh my memory
allowing me to speak intelligently with them and more easily close the sale,” said 3 Blind Mice owner Scot Dietz. “You may have 120 outstanding opportunities but if you’re working 5 or 6 of those on a daily basis, it lets you know what you need to do each day instead of the 120 you need to do which can be overwhelming. And those reminders help them sell more, which is more money in their pockets,” said Dietz.

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