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Better Manage Your Projects with improveit 360

Our business management software, designed exclusively for home improvement companies, helps you manage your remodeling projects from contract to final payment. Our contractor project management system helps you schedule appointments, send reminders to homeowners, view all active projects on our powerful Production Grid, and track everything in one centralized location. Your project managers can assign crews, send text messages, document photos and customer comments, and run reports to find any project bottlenecks… in real time, from the mobile app and the desktop back at the office.

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How improveit 360’s Project Management Software Feature Helped a Company Save Time, Effort & Money: 
Remodeling Economic OutlookBay Home and Window, in Pleasanton California, needed help solving problems on the production side of their business. Many projects were being held up and jobs were being delayed by weeks. “With a series of reports we could see where projects were getting hung-up and identify specific areas to improve on. We found out that the draft person was sitting on jobs way too long,” said Vice President Gary Falcon. “With the system’s new process, we now receive the shipment in our warehouse and the receiving manager marks the project activity as ‘Received Complete Job’, which means the packages are here. The project manager gets updated reports automatically several times a day, so now he can schedule installations right from the report the same day the product arrives. This cut out those 3 days we were wasting on our turnaround time from received-to-scheduled,” added Falcon.  



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