Contractor Sales Advice – Closing the Deal

contractor job lead managementWhen it comes to a home improvement pro closing a sale, many of you almost have to be prepared for “No”. If it turns out to be a “Yes” then you’re pleasantly surprised.

And you’ve heard all the excuses – now’s not a good time, I can’t afford it, We’re just looking for an estimate

But with any type of sales experience, you tend to get a good feel for how strong their “No” really is. When you’re trying to close, it’s a great time to listen to what they’re really telling you. 

Many times, a potential customer is willing to buy your remodeling or replacement services but they’re not to the tipping point yet. 

At times like this, the biggest pitfall is when you become desperate or aggressive. If you push too hard because you really need to make the sale, they’ll sense that desperation. They’ll focus on that and not on their needs or the benefits of your products and services. And you’ll more than likely lose them. If you push too hard with aggressiveness, the prospect will feel cornered and again focus on you and your tactics… and they’ll be gone. 

Keep in mind you are helping them and not selling them. The homeowner either needs or wants what you have to offer. They really do. Or they wouldn’t be talking to you. Approach it by showing how the home improvement will benefit them and hit on all the values (saving on energy bills, improving the value of their home, providing convenience or comfort, etc.)  It could be  they’re saying no because they haven’t heard enough or heard how it’s going to truly help them. 

Avoid closing with any specs, features, or details. Get back to the emotions. No one ever bought a Corvette because they needed a car. They didn’t care about the cubic inches of the engine or how long the warranty lasted… they cared about how good they’d look cruising the boulevard on a Friday night. Sell the sizzle. It could be that they’re saying no because they haven’t heard that one story about showing off their new outdoor kitchen while entertaining friends that pushes them to sign the contract. 

Give them some space if they keep saying no. They may not be ready to make a decision yet. That doesn’t mean it’s time to leave the appointment (or hang up the phone) but it is time to take another route. Tell a story about a previous customer that was in the same position – sell their emotion and their experience – or continue to build rapport with the potential client. Ask more questions to determine what’s really most important to them. As you listen and share, you’re building trust. They’re going to see that you’re the right person for the job. But… it could be that they’re saying no because they’re saying no. For now.

Even if you end up not selling to the prospect, don’t give up. Continue to reach out to them with emails, direct mail, newsletters, coupons, promotions, and try to keep connected with social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) If you’re interested in automating this lead process, consider our improveit! 360 solution – it features a powerful lead generation, lead tracking, and lead management application that keep you from ever losing a lead. Contact us today to find out how! 

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