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improveit 360 Helps Home Pros Easily Schedule Appointments

Easily schedule you and your staff with the powerful appointment scheduling feature within the improveit 360 business management system. You can schedule appointments for homeowner as they become prospects to an individual sales rep or you can use our Time Blocks functionality to schedule to a particular date and time and then put your best person on it. Our calendars are filterable so you can choose to only see schedules for your reps, your project managers, subcontractors or specific crews. And they have an easy drag & drop capability in case plans change and you need to quickly adjust the appointment. You can set up automated emails and texts to go out to homeowners and your team once appointments are made in the system. Even to the schedules on their mobile apps!

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Watch the short video below to see how our calendar tools allow you to better schedule your staff and crew. At a glance, you’ll have a color-coded view of everyone and where they are at any given moment of the day… in real time:



How a Home Pro Used Time Blocks in their Appointment Scheduling to Close More Sales with Their Best Reps: 

“In the past, we always set for the rep. Then our account manager pointed out that we should use Time Blocks. What that allowed us to do was establish how many reps were available during a certain period of the day and our people in the call center would set appointments to that time block. If we had 3 reps available, we could set 3 appointments. Now, the night before, we’re able to set our best leads to our best reps and our sales efficiency and close rates went up dramatically,” said Chris Horney, owner of ReBath of Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Cleveland. ““Once we implemented these small features, we saw some staggering results. In January, we were up 69% from the previous year in sales. In February, again, we were up 69%. In March, it was 78% and by April we were at 100% year-over-year. That’s millions of dollars more to our top line and it will mean hundreds of thousands more to our bottom line,” added Chris. 

Read the entire appointment scheduling case study!


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