Contractor Website Marketing – What’s Your Call-to-Action?

marketing a home improvement business online
What’s Your Call to Action?

As home improvement pros you are great at home improvement. But how good are you at marketing with your website? 

Hopefully, to start with… you have one. (If not, you need to find a website designer fast and bring your business into the 21st century… where it belongs.) 

So… whether you’re planning on building a site or you already have one, the first order of business is to make sure you have an effective Call-to-Action

A CTA is where you are telling your site visitor what you want them to do. Many contractors and home service pros have websites full of pictures, headlines, text that welcomes people to the site, a description of their services, and their business logos. But they lack that most important element – the call. 

When you have a business website, you should have an understanding of what you want that website to do for you. The call-to-action is the specific request to the visitor to make sure that happens.

For instance, most home pros want a prospect to find their site, learn a little about them, see the phone number and… make the call. Placing a BIG BUTTON in the center of your website, with your phone number on it, that says, “Call Now for a Free Estimate!” is your CTA. 

You’d be surprised how many contractor websites there are that have no call-to-action. And some have them, but they’re barely noticeable. Here’s an example:  

contractor business website for online marketing leads

It’s a clean site. I know what they do. There are lots of great pictures and text.

But… there’s no phone number listed at the top of the site (most people that open this site would only see the top half…) There is a “slight” call down at the bottom that says, “Contact Us – Ask a question or get your free consultation and estimate today!”  But it’s not easy to see, easy to read, placed in the top half of the site, and it doesn’t stand out. 

home improvement business marketingWhen your visitors land on your site, they want to be quickly reassured they’re in the right place. They need to easily see what you do, see you are a real business, and that they can trust you. Then… they need to know what to do next

And that’s where your call-to-action comes in. Once you have their attention, tell them to fill out a request-for-estimate form or tell them to call you.

But do it where they can see it. 

Put your phone number, e-mail address, and links to your “Contact Us” page all over the place – multiple times – to make sure your site visitors don’t have to think or work hard to reach you.

By adding a clear, concise CTA, you’ll start to see your website paying off for you with more leads coming in and more deals being closed.  Bookmark this improveit! 360 blog for even more sales, marketing, and online marketing advice – we’re dedicated to your success! 

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