Contractors – Are You Using the Right Tools?

contractors softwareimproveit! 360, in partnership with Hanley Wood, is sponsoring a webinar on Wednesday, June 6th, at 4pm EST and you’re invited! 

QuickBooks, Whiteboards, and Excel: Still the Right Tools?
Discover the gaps these popular tools can cause when used to manage leads, sales, and projects

Ever run across some old tools in your shed? A hand-cranked drill. A hacksaw. And a hand planer. Sure, they still work. But how long and how much effort does it takes to complete a job using them?

The tools and processes you use to run your business are no different. New, better ones exist today.

Like many remodelers, you likely started your business with certain tools because they fit a need.

  • QuickBooks was purchased to manage your finances and bill your customers.
  • Excel was an easy way to store your leads.
  • Whiteboards were a cheap way to track job schedules.

Are these still the right tools for today’s competitive market?

Do they help you actively manage leads? Lower job costs? Get referrals?

Join us on Wednesday, June 6th from 4:00 – 5:00 PM EDT and learn if what you’re using to run the critical areas of your business are still the best tools for the job.

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