Contractors – Get More Leads from Tradeshows

I was at a recent home improvement expo and was stunned to find dozens of remodelers and contractors just sitting in their chairs.

contractor crm software for more job leadsOh, there were a few eager beavers who literally leapt on me when I passed by… but that only made me want to hurry past their booth as fast as I could.

Neither of these tactics generates many leads for your business. There shouldn’t even be a chair or stool at your booth! And hounding people as they pass by with your coupon or brochure is simply not effective.

These homeowners attend the expos to get ideas, see new products, and many are looking for a reputable company with experience on the type of project they have in mind.

Keep in mind, people also don’t want to be sold to. But they probably won’t walk up and start talking to a remodeler sitting on a chair, behind a table stacked with brochures.

So, how do you get the most out of the time and money you spend on these home improvement trade shows?

Make it fun.

  • Contractor Leads from TradeshowsTest their Skills – Take a putter and cup with you to the show. Hand your putter to the people passing by to see who can get closest to the hole and win. You could probably get away with having them putt on the long carpet running in front of your booth. Mark the names for each closest putt. You’ll have people coming back by your booth to see if they’re still the closest. 
  • Host a Contest – You can always hold a contest and have people write down their information for a chance to guess. Fill a giant jar full of drywall screws or finish nails and have them guess how many are in there. After their done, it’s a good idea to see what type of projects they have in mind (and write it on the back of their card.)
  • Games of Chance – Build a small wheel that passersby can spin to win a prize. I’ve seen people stand in long lines for the chance to spin the wheel. And you can easily strike up a conversation with those waiting for their turn.
  • Use Social Media – Everyone uses Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or some form of social media. And they like it. People are averaging 420 minutes a month on their Facebook accounts! Ask people to log in to their accounts on their smartphones and then take a picture of you, your team, or your booth. If they share it on Facebook or use a special hashtag (#HomeImprovmentExpo2013) on Twitter, they’ll be entered into your contest.

For prizes, you could give away cash, coupons or discounts for your services, electronics (like an iPod or Kindle Fire), gas cards, pre-paid credit cards, iTunes cards, just about anything.

Making your booth more fun at these trade shows makes it easier for people to talk to you and for your team to talk to them. It keeps you off a chair and helps you interact with all these potential customers. You’ll get more leads which will certainly lead to more sales.

Don’t forget to reach out to all of your leads after the show. Put them into your CRM software and set reminders to contact them within a day or two. Continue to send e-mails to them and follow-up with phone calls for those who were interested in getting started soon.

With a little effort, you’ll have plenty of work to fill your pipeline.

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