Contractors – Will Marketing Automation Solve a Lead Generation Problem?

As a home improvement or home service professional, what do you consider to be a quality lead? 

If you’re anything like many of the contractors we talk to, a lead is a homeowner who ready to buy today and is leaving the cash on the front porch for you to pick up. 

And if this isn’t the case, you simply throw away the job lead and move on the next (if there is a next). 

Why is this the wrong approach to doing business? Because the homeowner, who isn’t quite ready to buy, still has a need – or a very strong want – that won’t go away. And they will eventually buy. And they’ll probably buy from your competitor. 

What’s the answer? You’re probably very busy and have little time to continue reaching out to leads who aren’t ready to hire. But if you had a process in place that would help you consistently follow-up with every lead – and you could automate that process – would that help? 

With the right software, built for a home improvement company, you’d be able to streamline your sales and marketing tasks by replacing multi-touch and repetitive manual processes with automated tactics.

Your manual process might be like this: you’ve got a stack of leads that are qualified but not ready to purchase. You end up writing yourself a Post-it note and stick it on your desk calendar to remind you to call all these leads in 3 weeks. Then, you’ve got to call each one, make a note of where they stand in the sales process and set reminders to follow-up again. You’ve got to track all of these manually, do research to see what products they’re interested in, call them again, write out e-mails individually for each one, manually eliminate duplicate lead sheets, file the lead sheets and search for them when you get your reminder…. and all this goes on-and-on. 

You can see how much time it takes up – and that’s why you and your team rarely follow-up on warm or cold leads… 

And we haven’t even talked about automating your appointment scheduling and follow-up for potential customers who are even warmer or practically hot leads. 

Is marketing automation software – and changing your sales process – the answer? 

With a software system designed for contractors and home pros, you’ll be able to manage your leads and sales appointments more effectively and efficiently. 

You can: 

  • Track all lead data (including contact info, demographics, product interests, lead sources & costs, activity history, and notes or attachments)
  • Easily eliminate duplicate leads to keep your list clean and all the data in one place
  • Get real-time automated appointment e-mail reminders to call
  • Send automatic e-mails to confirm appointments or that say thanks for the appointment or sale
  • Continuously nurture every lead until they buy
  • Get complete visibility into the sales process with ready-to-use reports that are included with the marketing automation system
  • Access your leads and appointments on-the-go with a mobile application (if the system has a mobile app)

With the best marketing automation software in place in your business, you’ll be able to get more done with less and close more deals. You’ll also keep your sales pipeline full and end seasonality because your cold and warm leads will constantly get automatic updates from your company. 

You’ll stop wasting time doing repetitive tasks. You’ll stop chasing paper and start earning more. Your leads cost you a lot – get more out of them by automating your marketing and sales process. 

To talk to one of our Success Coaches, call 866-421-3360 now to find out more about how our business management solution will help with your marketing (but also your projects, human resources, document management, administrative management, compliance, and reporting) 

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One response to “Contractors – Will Marketing Automation Solve a Lead Generation Problem?

  1. For Indie contractors, it might not be a good idea to use expense in&updated software (for instance, HubSpot) to do the marketing efforts. However, it is a good idea to collect all data he found previously, it could be existing customers or recommendations received from either customers or friends. However, no matter what kind of marketing method contractors are going to use, keep in mind that securing employees by obtain a good and right contractors insurance is very important and a must.

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