Convincing Your Staff to Use New Technology?

Technology Adoption Rate for CRM on Contractors and RemodelersThere’s an interesting new article on the Harvard Business Review blog about companies that understand the need for software and new technologies but… they’re having trouble with their staff adopting it.

The article is called “Convincing Employees to Use New Technology” and it hits pretty close to home for us here at improveit! 360.

As a technology provider for replacement contractors, remodelers and home improvement pros, we always help with the deployment of our business management and CRM platform. But it’s up to the company to engage their staff and adopt the system so they can grow their business.

Here a great quote from the article:

When the process works, the benefits become obvious. Sometimes adopting a new technology can even become an irreversible movement. “We have started a ‘digital movement’ that affects all aspects of our company and requires all of our people to be engaged in the program. We will only win together,” explained Pernod Ricard’s CEO Pierre Pringuet.

And the tips for improving adoption are really good, too. Here’s one:

Engage true believers. Drawing on influential employees in the front line is one of the most effective vehicles for promoting change in an organization. Identify your committed digital champions early – individuals who network well and can create horizontal influence to help implement behavior change across silos. Devise a program to nurture your digital champions, as they are key to transformation success and will most likely be your organization’s future digital leaders.

Read the rest on the Harvard Business Review blog (it may ask you to register but it’s free and there’s no obligation.)


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