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improveit 360 Sales Rep and Installer Mobile Apps

improveit 360 provides a complete CRM and business management software, designed exclusively for contractors, builders and construction pros to helps them manage leads, marketing, sales, projects and reporting. Our contractor mobile apps allow salespeople, project managers, and even installers connect remotely to their centralized system back in the office. Reps can create quotes, view schedules and a personal calendar, search nearby for other prospects or previous sales, and enter new leads from the home show floor.

Peek “under the hood” of our powerful home improvement software and explore our mobile app features to help your reps sell more, improve communication, and get more done:


To see how improveit 360 customers have taken advantage of our contractor mobile app to earn more money, watch this short testimonial from several of your peers:



How Our Contractor Mobile App Transformed a Company’s Sales Reps from Appointment Runners to Selling Masters: 

construction mobile appsThe sales team at 3 Blind Mice, in San Diego, love a feature on the improveit 360 mobile app called “Search Nearby” which allows them to find local prospects, current projects, and previous customers. “Our sales team use the mobile app to quickly find canceled appointments, no shows, past sales, outstanding quotes and more with just a push of a button. If I’m with a prospect doing a presentation, I can look up past clients we’ve had in the area and give them information about who else is using these same products nearby,” said 3 Blind Mice owner Scot Dietz. “Search Nearby on the improveit 360 mobile app helps increase sales in other ways. We use it to see all the jobs that are in progress or were completed close by. They can call them up and suggest a quick ‘pop by’. ‘Hey, I’m in your neighborhood and I wanted to pop by to get a referral, some additional pictures, or maybe a testimonial’ and all of that really helps us sell more,” added Dietz.

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Improveit 360 Go Mobile App

  • View personal, filterable calendars
  • Create quotes from templates or our product configurator
  • Communicate appointment results to the office in real-time
  • Use Search Nearby
  • Enter new leads and schedule appointments on the fly
  • Attach/View photos and docs in the field
  • See To-Do list of upcoming tasks
  • See maps and Google Street View of next appointments
  • Click-to-call prospects, customers, or staff
  • Reviews all related appointments, sales and projects
  • Work offline in areas with no signal and sync-up later
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