Digital Marketing Tips for Home Improvement Pros

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The good folks over at the Harry Helmet blog interviewed the Director of Marketing for improveit! 360 – Justin Showers! Check out their site when you get a chance! And if you have any questions about i360, give us a call today.

Here’s part of the Interview:

“The Internet is a double-edged sword. It increases a company’s ability to grow, expand, and connect with potential customers, but responsibilities and sales leads also increase exponentially.

It has always been important to have a solid business plan in place for maximum success, but this is triply important with the nearly infinite potential of Internet sales.

improveit! 360 is a CRM application specifically built for the home repair industry, automatically generating welcome messages for new customers and following up on all potential sales leads. improveit! 360 helps your business make the most of the business opportunities the Internet offers, following up on every lead while removing the drawbacks like wasted time and additional responsibilities.

improveit! 360’s Justin Showers took a moment to tell us about the company, and also shared some tips for contractors and home repair professionals to find potential leads in their own area.

Can you tell us a little bit about improveit! 360? What inspired you to start the company?

JustinShowersimproveit! 360 is a business management platform designed to help home pros efficiently and effectively track and manage leads, increase sales, manage projects and report on business outcomes. The system is web-based, with no software to install or upgrade, and with mobile apps that give people remote access to vital information.

Our company was started by a replacement contractor. They needed a system to help them manage their business. They designed it from the ground up with the home improvement industry in mind. Over the years, we migrated their software to the Internet, so you’re able to access it from anywhere.

Who is your main clientele, and how does improveit! 360 meet their specific needs?

We work the best with remodelers and replacement contractors, including many niches within the industry like foundation companies, closet companies, and roofing and gutter companies. We work well with those who generate leads and run appointments and have a need to manage it all in one location.

Our system helps you track and manage every lead until they buy. You’re able to increase appointment set and sit rates. You’ve got powerful reports and dashboards at your fingertips to help you manage marketing, sales, and projects. And you’re able to grow your company by reducing costs and boosting sales.

One of the things that improveit! 360 does is provide effective, fully automated lead communication as well as improved conversions. First of all, what are some reasons someone might want to integrate automated responses? Do you have any advice as far as some ways to convert a lead into a paying customer?

Our system is CRM. That stands for customer relationship management. It’s designed to remind you to follow up with every prospect and customer. And you’re able to automate with e-mail templates and call reminders. If someone fills out a form on your website, our system can send a “Welcome” e-mail providing even more details about your company. You can send an appointment confirmation e-mail after you make a set. Also, there can be appointment reminder e-mails that go out the day of the appointment, ensuring prospects will show up or at least reschedule. Finally, there could be e-mails that go out to past customers to remind them of your other services or to ask for referrals. All these activities – done with little effort – keep your company top-of-mind and your prospect focused on their project.”

To read the rest of the interview, head on over to Harry Helmet!

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