Does Your Home Improvement Newsletter Still Matter?

home-improvement-newsletter-for-remodeling-contractorsThere are many home improvement companies that still create and mail out newsletters. Quite a few also send them in a digital format, via e-mail. Not every business makes a newsletter, on a regular basis, because it can be a lot of work to create content on a regular basis.

So, for those who are still making and sending out newsletters – do they still matter? Are they effective? Do they bring in any extra revenue?

I’m going to argue that a quality newsletter is effective and can generate more sales. Why? For these four reasons:

  • Loyalty
  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Refer-ability



When you send out your home improvement newsletter, you are keeping your company on the minds of your past and current customers. Whether or not they thoroughly read every word or drop it in the recycling bin, they’re seeing your brand and your company name on a regular basis. They’re reminded of good experiences and happy outcomes of a finished project. It’s increasing their loyalty to you for when they need to hire you again.


When you provide helpful tips, valuable resources, or even talk about problems you’ve solved on a recent job you are proving you’re an expert. To be effective, newsletters shouldn’t just be a constant sales pitch. If you’re providing education, homeowners will continue to read and maybe even look forward to your newsletters. Make sure that you are helping them and not just hyping your business and you’ll be the professional they turn to for their next renovation project.


If you have a newsletter, it’s important that you are consistent. Sending out one a year or every other year is not very effective. And sending one a week would be too much work and bothersome to most of your database. But once a month or once a quarter is probably the right mix for a home improvement business. That said, your newsletter also proves to past clients and current ones (and maybe even future customers) that you are a reliable company. If you e-mail or direct mail a newsletter on a regular basis, you’re proving that you’re a solid company with the resources to handle the workload. It’s simply another trust factor that shows you can be relied upon.


A newsletter can increase your chances of being referred by happy clients. If it’s a physical newsletter, your customers can pass it along to friends and family. Even if it’s in e-mail, they can forward it on to show someone an article or tip. Those potential referrals will see you are experts (Credibility) and that you have those resources (Reliability).

As you can see, if you are sending out a home improvement newsletter it can be a potent tool to make sure your business will have a long list of sales leads from past and potential customers. As long as it’s educational and not constantly trying to sell, and if you are consistent, it’s a great way to keep the revenue flowing!


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