Guest Post: Becoming a Service Excellence Leader in 2014

Good news! Today we’ve got Erica England, the marketing manager for GuildQuality, as a guest blogger! You can check out more advice from Erica over at the GuildQuality blog when you get a chance. Enjoy: 

GuildQuality Customer Service Excellence for RemodelersService excellence leaders like Thompson Creek Windows aren’t developed overnight. It takes dedication and an effective customer service plan to sustain longevity and a positive reputation in the residential construction industry. Strive for exceeding customer expectations in the new year at your company and create a strategy for service excellence.

Identify Your Company’s Core Customer Service Values

The first step in developing a strategy for service excellence is identifying what your company’s core values are when it comes to customers. Is always doing the right thing something that’s important to your business? What about never sacrificing quality craftsmanship? Your company’s core customer service values should serve as a road map to help your team work together and navigate through their decisions. Knowing what you value as a company ultimately helps everyone prioritize better. You’ll be on the same page about what matters and what doesn’t for your customers.

Measure Performance

Once you’ve identified what your company’s core customer service values are, the next aspect of your service excellence strategy needs to be measuring how well you and your team are actually living up to them. Did you know that about one out of every five businesses that deliver a poor customer experience fail; whereas, only one out of 50 superior performers fail?

Use a third-party to gather an honest evaluation from your customers about your company’s performance on their project. Surveying customers in this fashion allows them to be more comfortable sharing candid feedback, and gives you the opportunity to really know whether you’re delivering outstanding service.

Leverage Your Raving Fans

Identifying performance trends for your business can be a powerful differentiator. You’ll understand where your company stands with customers, how to make meaningful improvements, and what areas you’re excelling in. With that knowledge, you and your team can successfully carryout another significant element of your service excellence strategy; promoting your company’s quality.

There are two essentials every home builder, remodeler, and home services pro needs to have when marketing their business; happy customers and a forum for them to share about their experience.

Through identifying your company’s core customer service values and how you’re performing, you’ll know which of your customers are raving fans of your business. From there you can ask them to provide a referral, and also a review online. This is where having a forum comes into play. Stake your company’s claim on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Houzz and GuildQuality. Once you have a presence online, start sharing it with your raving fans and encourage them to post things like project photos and reviews there.

Customer service isn’t always easy, but it’s a challenge worth taking. By developing a strategy that helps your business identify its core customer service values, performance trends, who raving fans are and how to empower them to promote your quality, you’ll be on your way to becoming a service excellence leader in 2014. 

Erica England is the Marketing Manager for GuildQuality, the leading customer satisfaction surveying company for remodelers, home improvement contractors, and home builders. Supported by comprehensive reporting and marketing tools, GuildQuality helps its members promote their quality to stand out in a competitive market. For more information, visit

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