Happy Holidays from improveit! 360

Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year from improveit 360


We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season!  We’ll be off on Wednesday, but here making our awesome business management system even better all the rest of the days. Except for New Years Day… we’ll be nursing a huge… um, watching football games on that day. 

So, today we had our improveit! 360 holiday potluck! 

2013 Holiday Potluck 1

To break with tradition, we went with an Asian-themed potluck. In honor of the movie “A Christmas Story”. You know, at the end, where the dogs ruin the Christmas turkey? And they end up at the only restaurant open? 

2013 Holiday Potluck 2

So everyone brought in their favorite Asian dish (or, in some cases, bought some Chinese take-out)! 

2013 Holiday Potluck 4

We had a blast. 

2013 Holiday Potluck 6

Everyone ate a ton of food. Even went back for seconds. And thirds… and fourths. 

2013 Holiday Potluck 9

Of course, we were all hungry again about an hour later. 

2013 Holiday Potluck 10

And we topped it off with some ice cream! 

2013 Holiday Potluck 8

We plan on making our Asian potluck an annual tradition… yes, it was THAT good…

2013 Holiday Staff sm


So… again, happy holidays!  And we’re hoping the new year is a great one for you and your family! 

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