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What Time of Day Should You Send?

According to a Pivotal Veracity study, early morning e-mail delivery has the lowest open rates. This makes sense since the first time most check their e-mail is when they arrive at work, and the common habit is to delete anything unimportant to reduce clutter before the day starts.

The best open rates tend to be seen in e-mails sent around lunch time (noon or 1:00pm.) This also makes sense as people tend to relax a bit with their inboxes at lunch.

However, consider that Experian found e-mails sent between 8pm and midnight generated higher open and click-through rates, more transactions, larger orders, and greater revenue per e-mail than ones sent during any other time of day—and by a significant margin.  So it might be worth a try.

What Day of Week?

Most studies support that sending e-mails on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday yields the best results. So, if you boil it down, you want to send your e-mail campaign on a midweek day in the afternoon.

Despite all of the rules above, the No. 1 rule of e-mail marketing is “Test. Then test again.”

How Often to Send Your E-mails?

contractor email marketingHow often? Boy, that’s where you’ll find a ton of opinions!  Some say you can send every day and others say once per month is too often. So, here’s the problem: If you send too many e-mails, you will overwhelm prospects and customers and your unsubscribe rate will go way up. But if you send too few e-mails – they won’t know who you are and might mark your e-mails as spam.

In 2014, people received 9,000+ e-mails per person annually – so no matter how many you send, you’re going to make someone mad.

So, do you send once a week? Once a month? Once a quarter might be too long and they might have forgotten about you. You need to consider what context those e-mails are being sent in.  If you’re going to send a series, you’re okay if you let them know in advance how many e-mails they will receive.

But if you are simply sending promotional e-mails, overdoing it will probably harm your business. You probably hate missing out on deals, but do you really want to be e-mailed every single week?

Low open rates and low click-through rates (CTRs) can result in e-mails being sent to the spam folder.

Good luck with your e-mail campaigns. It’s a great way to stay in touch with prospects as well as past customers. Keep your business top-of-mind for when they’re ready to hire your home improvement business.

3 responses to “Home Improvement E-mail Marketing – When to Send?

  1. I’ve always wondered when is the best time to communicate with our distributors and dealers. Our “Open Rate” is better Monday morning but our click to rate is very slow . Strongly agree that testing is the best. What method do you recommend for a better analysis of the results?. Thank you.

  2. I agree to an extent because it might work with certain people. However, how can you tell if someone will respond positively to an e-mail without any related good connection. For example, a quality remembrance would be a birthday, new years or thanksgiving. These events have a special significance with a client to create a powerful relationship. I believe sending an e-mail on these days will open the opportunity to positive feedback because it shows you care about them. As a principal Carpenter for home improvement in Danbury I’ve learned that respecting people goes beyond business.

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