Home Pros: Here’s the Top Tip to Boost More Sales

Contractor Sales Advice to Close More DealsYou’ve probably heard the ABC’s of sales… Always Be Closing

Well, I’d like to introduce a similar concept that few home improvement companies consider. It’s called ABS. 

ABS stands for Always Be Selling

Now, that might not sound like such revolutionary concept… I know. But hear me out. 

To keep your prospects interested, to up-sell or cross-sell to your past customers, to close more sales, to get more referrals… continually sell your company and your products or services to everyone you come in contact with. And, in every way you contact them.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say a prospect finds your home improvement company website and fill out your “Contact Us” form… or they e-mail you. Luckily, you’ve got an “auto-responder” e-mail set up through your e-mail provider or CRM system. If the automatic e-mail that goes out says something like this,

“Thank you for contacting us! We’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours”

Well, then you’re not employing the ABS concept…

How can you use that automated e-mail to sell more? Here’s how – the prospect has shown interest in your products or services so take the opportunity to sell the benefits of what you offer… every chance you get! 

What if your e-mail said this,

“Thanks for contacting Acme Home Remodeling! We look forward to helping you finally have the home of your dreams! Our experience and attention to detail means we’ll provide you with improved home value, a better quality of life, and save you money with our energy efficient makeover. We’re ready to make you happy with your home. We’ll get back with you soon… it’s our promise!” 

Which e-mail response would motivate you more to take the call when they get back with you? 

More Tips to Always Be Selling

Always Be Selling to Improve Close Rates and Referrals for Home Improvement CompaniesAnd it’s not just e-mails. The person answering your phones can always be selling. Your answering machine message can always be selling. Your installers can always be selling… 

Let’s say one of your technicians is installing windows and the homeowner mentions they plan to get their entry door replaced someday soon. Your tech could be trained to sell your door installation service.

Even if they homeowner isn’t interested at the time, your tech could bring this to your attention. You could schedule a reminder in your CRM software to follow-up with the homeowner in 90 days to see if they’re ready for the new door. 

And at the end of every project… when you receive your final payment and they sign off on the completed job…. ask for referrals, for testimonials, and for online site reviews. You could send them an e-mail with links to your Yelp or Angie’s List or Google+ for Business listing to make it easier for them to recommend you. 

There are so many ways for you and your team to Always Be Selling. Take a look at every step in your sales process. Your production process. Even your financial process. See where you could add a “sales pitch” to promote the benefits of your products and services. 

You’ll end up with a higher close rate, more sales, more referrals… all at no additional charge to you. 


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