Homeowners Starting Home Improvement Projects Online

Lead Generation Site for Home Improvement Contractors HouzzAs home improvement pros, you know how popular a lot of social media sites are for homeowners. Zillow is a powerful real estate site to see values for their homes and their neighbors’ homes. Pinterest is full of Before & After home improvement projects. And Houzz is providing a lot of benefits for those seeking inspiration and ideas. 

According to a new article from eMarketer, there are now reports to put numbers behind what we’ve always assumed. 

While many are using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases, there’s not much transactional activity when it comes to home improvement. However, people are going online to research products, plan their projects, get inspired by images and video, and find local pros. 

In a survey by Zillow, they found: 

Over one-third of homeowners start their home improvement projects online. In [Zillow’s] winter 2013 survey of US adults, 39% said they found inspiration for such projects online.

Another report from American Express and Echo Research showed similar results: 

Data released in March 2013 revealed a large increase—albeit over a very small base—in homeowners who said social media provided inspiration for home improvement. The increase from 7% to 14% between 2012 and 2013 is another indication of social’s influence on people making home design and decorating decisions.

contractor online lead generationWhat does all this mean to your home improvement company?  It shows how important it is to have an online presence – not only with your website but on the social media outlets as well. You should have a YouTube channel, a Houzz page, a Pinterest page, you should be posting your photos and videos on Twitter and your Facebook company page. 

The best part? Most, if not all, of these outlets are free.

Customers and potential customers are out there looking to you for ideas. It’s not just the DIY crowd. Remodeling and home improvement projects have been on the rise across the country for the past 18 months. And so has social media…

When you take the time to photograph your work sites, shoot video, and then post your work online… you will be found. You’ll generate brand awareness of your company and you’ll generate leads from homeowners in your area. 

But be careful not to “sell” your services when you’re online. Show you know what you’re doing, show you do great work, and show you’re ready to take on their next project. When you do that, your phone will start ringing… 


Tim ClarkTim Clark is the Director of Marketing Communications for improveit! 360 and he’s been with the technology company for two years. During this time, the company has grown rapidly and positioned itself as a leader in delivering business management tools and expertise to thousands of home improvement professionals. Prior to improveit! 360, Tim worked as a marketing director, professional writer, and communications expert with several software companies and the contractor lead generation industry. He is a digital marketing expert with over 10 years experience working in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click advertising (PPC), video production, and content marketing. He holds a bachelors degree in Marketing and International Business from Otterbein University. 

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