How Contractors Tackle Fear of Digital, Content and Marketing Automation

contractors accepting change when taking on new softwareI found a very interesting article from the Columbus Business Journal on how business owners can overcome fear when it comes to marketing their company. The article is called How to face your fear of digital, content and marketing automation and I think it applies very well to home improvement business owners.

So many of you have tried various forms of marketing to spread the word about your company: canvassing, direct mail flyers, yellow page ads, and especially new websites or search engine optimization (SEO). And many have been burned over and over for a lot of money.

The article talks a bit about that:

Chances are you know this fear if you own your own company or invest your money in marketing and technology. Have you ever feared investing in a new ad or marketing campaign, or better yet, a new marketing manager worth $95,000 a year? Or how about that new marketing automation software, or the Inbound thing you did? How did that work out?

He goes on to say that the fear is justified but that failure is not always a bad thing. Failure means you’re trying and since you don’t always know what will work and what won’t, it’s not really failure. It’s an education.

The reason for this fear is that many of us have been burned on marketing that didn’t work out. We feel burned somehow. But shouldn’t failure be more the norm in marketing? Failure is normal when you think about the low conversion rates of most campaigns. But that 3 percent conversion rate may translate into the millions of dollars in revenue you need or want to be profitable and happy.

The author goes on to talk about how to tackle that fear and face it head-on when it comes to bringing in new people, new software and new processes so you can make the changes you need to grow your business.

An old saying goes, “The only thing that is constant is change” and it applies to nearly every business. Companies that don’t change, don’t improve, are destined to fail.

He wraps up the article with a fitting statement:

Look at this it this way. The fear of taking another “day job” could be the best way to overcome your fear. Learn to market, sell and build your business better by learning to face your fear, and use the most suitable sales enablement and marketing automation technologies available.

Read the rest of it for tips on how to take on the change you may fear but could end up helping you thrive.

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