How Long Should Staff Work Breaks Be? 17 Minutes

Productivity Advice for Remodelers and Replacement ContractorsWe were all taught to work hard and work often. That good old-fashioned American work ethic! Keep busting your hump until you’re way past exhaustion…

Well, according to research… that’s not the way to do it.

In an article from Fast Company, these researchers suggest we work hard for 52 minutes and then… take a 17 minute break.

Sounds a bit French, doesn’t it? Ha! But, in all seriousness, according to the article, we only have so much physical energy on tap. And when that is depleted, so is our psychological and mental energy.

Sure, we can work well past our limits… we just won’t do our best work. Without breaks to re-charge our body and mind, we won’t be as productive.

By analyzing the work habits of a pool of its most productive employees, the company found the most productivity came from workers who stepped away from their computers 17 minutes at a time and went about offline tasks like taking a walk, chatting with coworkers about anything but work, or reading a book.

Although it sounds counter-intuitive, try it on your staff and yourself to see what you think. Does it work? Do you get more (and better) work from your team members?

Let me know!  And check out the article: Work the Exact Amount of Time Science Tells Us To

One response to “How Long Should Staff Work Breaks Be? 17 Minutes

  1. I am a business coach at work from my home office. I have never measured my need to take breaks during the day, but I do find myself pushing away from the desk and getting a cup of coffee or just walking outside to catch some fresh air. I would guess that the productivity can vary based on the type of work related to the breaks. I would be interesting to see if anyone adds some comments.
    A strong team thinking on behalf the company goals and objectives are needed so if 17 minute breaks drives greater productivity… do it!

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