How to Score Sales Using the Lead Playbook [Webinar]

For some of you – your main focus is on bringing in brand new leads. While leads are the lifeblood of any home pro’s business, you need to create diversity in your sales lead process so you can end “seasonality”. 

Nearly all home service pros tell us they have a “busy season” and a “slow season”. Or they don’t have quite enough leads. Or they’re not earning what they want to earn.

By concentrating on only generating new leads… well, it’s like running a football team and trying to score a touchdown – by using only 1 play… a ‘Hail Mary’.

What happens if you depend on only 1 play?
You won’t score very often, making it impossible to win.

Imagine having a “playbook” in hand – with a great set of plays – you can use to make sure you’ve got a steady flow of jobs coming in and profit going to your bank account.

Join improveit! 360, QuinStreet, and GuildQuality in our one-hour webinar on Wednesday, October 17th at 4pm Eastern (3pm Central, 2pm Mountain, 1pm Pacific) to find out how to score – how to get more leads and take advantage of every one.

In one hour and for $0 cost, learn from three industry leading service providers how you can: 

:: Capture more qualified leads
Track and automatically market to every lead till they decide to buy
:: Maintain a great reputation and use it to help you close even more deals

Plus, when you attend, you get our complimentary guide entitled “How to Score Sales Using the Lead Playbook”, chock-full of info you can use to implement the business-building topics we cover during the webinar.

Take a second to register you and your staff now.

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