How Video Testimonials Help Contractors Get More Leads

As a quality home pro, you’ve probably got a lot of happy customers. 

You might have received some great feedback from a few and you’ve used these as testimonials on your brochures and your website. 

But it can be difficult for today’s homeowners to trust every business in the home improvement industry. And they simply may not trust that your glowing testimonials are real. 

Sure, Suzie K. from Tacoma raved about your wonderful service… but can you prove it?

You’ve heard the “a picture is worth a thousand words” quote but consider what 60 pictures per second would be worth… 

If you shoot a video testimonial from a satisfied customer, you’re going to have a powerful marketing tool on your hands that will help you close many more leads. Placed on your website, this video would give potential customers a glimpse of a real, live, breathing human being singing your praises. 

Who has the time or money to shoot an elaborate interview with a customer?

You do. 

We use Wistia to host a lot of our educational and training tutorials for our top-rated contractor business management solution and they also produce and share a lot of useful how-to videos, as well. 

When I saw this video, I thought of all the home pros out there that think creating a video testimonial would be too hard and too expensive. 

Take a look: 

For just a few dollars and not a lot of setup, they’re able to easily shoot a person talking directly to the camera on an iPhone – like you would while on a job site where you’d interview your customer. And you don’t even have to be quite as elaborate as they are. 

(Note: to see how they filmed the above sequence, check out their blog post here.)

remodeling contractor business software tips and tricksHowever you do it, try to get a few of your best customers to talk about you on camera. Ask them nicely and tell them it will really help your business. Offer them a discount on future services. Do what you can because it will lead to so many more closed deals if you have a video testimonial. 

Here are some quick tips on how to make sure it looks as good as possible: 

  • To frame the shot right, keep the person’s head in the “Top 3rd” of the frame. In other words, don’t put their head halfway down so that their eyes are in the middle of the screen. It gives too much headroom. If you look at all other pictures/movies, the heads are always in the uppermost part of the frame.
  • Don’t film people up against a wall. Whenever you put people up to a wall, you lose any “depth” in the shot. It looks too flat. And there’s usually a harsh shadow from lights right behind their heads. Shoot with a wide-open room in the background. 
  • Put some lighting on both sides of the person’s face, not directly on their face from the front – it makes the face look flat and washed out if it’s too direct. 
  • Make sure any microphone you use is close enough so they can be heard well but not so close that it is visible in the frame. 
  • Ask the customer open-ended questions: Bad – “Did you like our service?” Good – “Tell us why you liked our services!” 

Good luck with your testimonials. If you’re not sure how to embed them on your website, do a search on Google or ask your question in the Comments section on this blog post! 

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