If You’re Selling on Social Media… You’re Doing it Wrong

contractors get leads from social media and earn moreI know you’re always looking for more leads. Leads are the lifeblood of your home improvement business. 

And you don’t want to spend precious time doing anything that’s not generating leads. Especially social media – if you can’t get job leads from Facebook, Twitter and the others… why bother? 

The problem is that social media doesn’t work that way. You cannot simply tweet out something like, “Quality handyman services in the Newark area! 26 years experience. Call us today!” 

Social media is about sharing information, entertaining others, and having a conversation. Yes, you can post the services you provide on your Facebook page. But, after a while, don’t be surprised when you see the number of Followers and Friends and “Likes” diminish rapidly. 

People don’t go to their Google+ account or their Twitter feed to get sold to. They don’t. No one likes it. It’s not why they go there… to just be reminded of your business. 

If you want to make an impression and get more leads, stop selling… Start proving your expertise. Make your followers laugh. Inspire them with Before & After photos from your latest project. Tell an interesting story in 140 characters or less. Teach them something about your industry. 

Here are a few great examples from my Twitter feed: 

  • Home Generators can be a real benefit on Cape Cod [link]
  • 4 Awful Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions [link]
  • Do you have trouble combating the dryness of Michigan winters? Here’s how to fight against dry air! [link]
  • Hot Trends for your kitchen – New for 2013 [link]

Can you see how posts and Tweets like these would be more effective than “Please hire me! I’m desperate!” 

When you have a conversation instead of giving a sales pitch, you’ll keep people interested and you’ll be on their minds when it’s time for them to need your services. 

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