Improve the Sales Presentation at Your Next Home Improvement Appointment

FlowboardToday’s homeowners is more connected digitally. They’ve got smartphones and tablets. They’re downloading apps. And they want more from home improvement pros when it comes to presentations.

And you’re getting more connected, too. There’s a chance you’re reading this post on your iPhone…

But I wanted to tell you about a new tool I’ve discovered that might help you close more deals.

If you or your sales team are doing presentations in the home or the showroom, you might want to consider downloading an application that’s been built for your iPad – FlowVella.

Think of it as one part Houzz and one part Powerpoint. Unfortunately, it’s only for the iPad but if you’ve got one… this publishing service lets you create very nice presentations using simple touch gestures.

Flowboard 2You can add videos, images from past jobs, design ideas for the prospect’s job, and much more.

After you’ve created your new presentation, FlowVella gives you a URL address so you can share it on your iPad or on the Internet.

And because it’s a URL, there’s no huge file you have to save to your iPad and send via e-mail. Instead, it’s all online (or, in the “cloud” as the techies say.)

The best part? It’s free.

You can download FlowVella from the Apple App Store. You can create visually compelling sales presentations for your prospects and they’re easy to make – what could be better? And more digitally interactive for today’s modern homeowner?


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