improveit360 Interview on the Gutter Helmet site

HarryHelmetBusinessAdviceforHomeProsHave you had a chance to check out our interview over on the Harry Helmet website? Well, you should!

We were recently interviewed by Harry Helmet as part of their Expert Interview program! We give out advice on Internet business for home repair professionals.

Here’s a sample from the interview:

For home repair professionals, do you have any advice on ways they could look for potential customers who need repairs to their gutters?

It’s important to address the concerns of homeowners in any marketing campaigns. Let them know their foundations are in danger when gutters don’t perform. Their home value is at stake, and gutter maintenance and repair prevents large future expenses. Offer Groupon-type deals to do routine gutter inspections and cleanings; create inserts for coupon mailers; canvass neighborhoods where you’ve done previous work; offer gutter seminars or classes at the local home improvement store; and take advantage of yard signs, truck signs, and “Pardon our Mess” flyers for neighbors while on a job.

Check out the rest of our advice on the Harry Helmet site now!

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