Is Advertising on Google a Good Marketing Move for Contractors?

Leads, leads, leads. 

Very few businesses have all the leads they need. No matter the size of your home improvement business, it’s important to balance your marketing strategy with online and offline tactics to ensure a healthy flow of job leads. 

And many home pros have been considering Google ads. 

In a recent study by BuildZoom, they found many contractors are ready to take the leap and start advertising on the Google Adwords platform: 

Nearly 40% of respondents reported they were planning to invest more time and resources into Google AdWords in the upcoming year, making it the most popular marketing application from a forward-looking perspective.

What is Google Adwords? 

Google provides search results when visitors type in keywords. For example, if someone types in “siding contractor in st. louis” as a keyword, Google kicks back organic results that can take you to various site, like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and some results. 

google ppc ads for contractors

But it also shows advertisements related to your search. The first 3 listings and all the listings on the right side are “pay-per-click” ads. Businesses pay a certain bid amount for each keyword they choose. And every time a visitor clicks on the ad, the business is charged. 

Since it’s very hard to show up in the top results of the organic (i.e. free) search results on Google (it’s going to be hard to beat out the BBB, Angie’s List, and many contractors are setting up an account with Google to get their ads to show up when people look for their services. 

Some Things to Consider Before Advertising on Google
Advertising on Google can get you exposure, if you do it right:

  • Set up ads to only show in your area. In the campaign settings, you can make it so your ads will only pop up for your targeted geographical area (for example: you can choose to only show ads in the “St. Louis Metro Area”).  
  • You should set a realistic budget limit (start with $10-$20 per day) and bid prices (start with $0.75 per click) so you don’t spend too much all at once until you’ve tested it. 
  • Only select to show your ads on the Google Search Network and not the Google Display Network (which puts your ads on websites instead of the search results).  
  • Decide where you want your visitors to land. Will they go to your home page or will you create a special landing page designed to capture their name and contact information? 
  • Will you give away a special offer for contacting you? Will you give out a report, how-to guide, or something of value in order to capture lead information? 
  • Decide what you want the visitor to do – fill out a form, call your office, download a guide, etc. 
  • Set up tracking so you can determine how effective the Google campaign is – if they fill out the form, call a special phone number, or download the article, then you can consider that a “conversion”. Track which keywords are giving you the most conversions and focus on those – pushing up the bid amount for better ranking or creating a special landing page for those keywords. 

It can be expensive to advertise on Google but it can generate a lot of interest and traffic to your website in a hurry. 

And if you’ve never advertised on Google before – here’s a link to get a $100 credit so you can save some cash.

Are you considering pay for ads on Google? 


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