Is Your Home Improvement Sales Team Doing it Wrong?

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThere are many ways a sales rep can get a homeowner to sign on the dotted line.

It used to be they would explain the features of your products: each replacement window has double-pane glass, the counter top is scratch resistant, or the toilet flushes only a half gallon of water.

The next major sales strategy was to skip the features and sell the benefits! These windows save energy, this counter is the most durable, or the toilet saves water. 

But having your team sell on features and benefits isn’t helping you close as many deals as you think 

At some point, to be more effective in sales, you must stop selling your products and services and start selling the solution. The solution to the homeowner’s problem. 

The hard part is discovering what the problem is. 

Look at it this way. If you came to me to say you need to buy a hammer, I would show you my top-of-the-line model. I’d tell you, “This hammer is made of high quality titanium, forged in one solid piece!” (Feature.) Or, I might say, “This hammer will not break, will not rust, and will hammer things very well!” (Benefit.) 

But, what I if I realized your problem and sold on that. I know you are tired of wasting time and money buying a new hammer every few years. So I present the solution… “You will never have to buy another hammer for the rest of your life…” 

That’s the right way to sell to potential clients. They are more interested in the end-result of how their lives will be changed by hiring you. Whether you are going to make a chore easier, help them keep more money in their bank account, improve their property value so they can sell their home, or improve their quality of life.

What is the “end result” of the home improvement services you provide? Can you put a number on it? Can you develop a list of solutions that address the most commonly quoted problems? 

Your sales rep could tell a homeowner that the kitchen remodeling project – when completed – will be of the highest quality and will look spectacular. Guess what? They expect that to be the case. Instead, what if you said something like this:

“When I finish your kitchen and if you ever decide to sell – you’ll have a bidding war on your hands. But then, you’ll love your new kitchen so much that you’ll never want to sell the house…” 

Sell the solutions to their problems. And boost your bottom line.


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