Need More Leads? Try Zillow Digs for Home Improvement Pros

More job leads for contractors with Zillow DigsThere’s a new lead generation tool available for home improvement contractors, designers, and remodelers. 

Zillow has a new application for the web and the iPad to inspire homeowners on renovation projects, help them organize photos and ideas, and even see estimated jobs costs on the images they see in the galleries. 

For years, Zillow has traditionally provided real estate values and has allowed potential home buyers to shop for their next house. Now, they’re moving into the home improvement market with this new app is called Zillow Digs – available for free. 

Similar to Houzz or Pinterest, users can sift through uploaded images of kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, and outdoor kitchen installations and save the ones they like to an idea board.  They can search by the style, the room, the cost, or even component material (such as granite). 

When they like a photo they see, Digs fans can comment on it, share it on Facebook, and view the details on the estimated costs and the home details (including Zillow’s “Zestimate” value of the house.) 

While we love the Zillow real estate tool – we use it within the improveit! 360 system (which allows contractors to see the location of the house and home value while they’re qualifying their leads) – we also like the new Digs app. Why? Because it helps you generate more leads. 

Digs allows homeowners to get in touch with the local contractors and designers who are showing off their work on the app! As a home professional, you’re able to set up your own profile – with contact information – and upload all the images from your portfolio. And you can backlink to your website (which helps with SEO.) 

You can use these free online tools to bring in more leads and close more deals. As we explained in a previous post on how contractors are getting leads from Houzz, this is simply one more way to do the same thing. So, set up a profile and upload your Before & After pics – you could bring in lots of new business! 


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