New Book: Build it! Grow it! Sell it! 9 Steps to a Thriving Contracting Business

Lynn Wise Build it Grow it Sell it Nine Steps for a Thriving Contracting BusinessOne of our many friends, Lynn Wise, has a new book out called “Build it! Grow it! Sell it! Nine Steps to a Thriving Contracting Business” and we wanted to let you know about it.

Lynn is a business advisor to contractors and owner of Wise Business Advisors. Her new book is available on Amazon and on her website.

The book is a systematic guide to creating a thriving contracting business that can operate without the owner, giving value to a potential buyer.  Wise gives useful financial ratios and easy-to-follow advice on implementing training and automated systems to set a contracting business apart from the competition.

Wise says successful contractors are often too busy delivering services and acquiring new business to plan for an exit strategy, which may involve passing it on in the family or finding an outside buyer.  Even if they make time to do so, they often do not know how.

“To exit the business with a return on their hard work, they need to have strong profits, growth, and good systems in place,” Wise said.

So, when you get a chance, check out her new book! We’re big fans of her philosophy and know this book will help your business.

Also, if you’re in Florida, Lynn’s book is having a launch party September 18th!

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