Our Mobile App Covered in Remodeling Magazine!

Remodeling Magazine Dec 2012From the latest issue of Remodeling magazine (Dec. 2012, page 12), there was coverage of our mobile app in the Dashboard section that we wanted to share: 

Following the business cycle full circle

The app: improveit! 360 mobile app

Platforms: iOS, Android 2.2 or higher, smartphones, tablets

Who uses it: John Hochbaum, president and CEO of Design & Build For You Chicago, a full-service remodeling company that has the app on the computers of six employees.

What it does: Tracks leads, automates marketing, schedules appointments, helps with job quoting and management, creates reports and a dashboard. 

“We were looking to purchase a server, which would have cost $15,000, but this eliminates that need,” Hochbaum says. “It’s basically our main filing cabinet.”improveit! 360 takes you through “the whole life cycle from first contact through design, construction, completion, and starts over again from a marketing standpoint.”

Best features: Hochbaum particularly likes the dashboard and reports. He says: “[improveit! 360 has] standardized our processes and given us a clearer understanding of margins on each project. It has caused us to be more disciplined.” The only downside is that Hochbaum’s invoicing process isn’t compatible with the application. But improveit! 360 is developing a solution. “[They’re] very customer service oriented,” Hochbaum says.

Cost: $95 per month for one user; $55 per month for each additional user.

If you’d like to find out more about our mobile app – that allows you to take your office on the road with you – please talk to a Success Coach today – 866-421-3360!  Or request a free demo now! 

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