Ready to Join the Elite? The EBA PRIME Elite!

Contractor Networking Association EBA Prime

We have a lot of friends in the home improvement industry. One special friend is EBA PRIME because they connect owners to the people, resources and expertise that help them be more successful. And that’s our goal, too!

We’d also like to let you know about their PRIME Elite® program that meets 3 times each year to provide conversation, connections and continuity for learning new trends and concepts with real-time and relevant topics to encourage a desire to grow and improve.

PRIME is made up of the nation’s largest and finest remodeling companies, manufacturers, and service providers. Several of their members have been named “Professional Remodeler of the Year.” “Fred Case Entrepreneur of the Year” award winners and finalists are a part of PRIME. National franchises and dealerships participate. These are the top remodeling companies in the country. There are single location businesses and multi-location organizations, as well as world-wide manufacturers and service providers.

Just to give you an example or two, they’ve got several upcoming meetings within the next few months:

Lean Remodeling Leadership Course in Chicago – April 21 & 22, 2017

  • This exclusive course will enable you to:
  • Identify and eliminate wasteful activity
  • Provide increased value to your customers
  • Learn the basics of: Value Stream Mapping, Gemba Walks, A3 Planning Document, Kaizen and 5S

It’s a great chance to learn the fundamentals of “lean” thinking and how to apply it to your home improvement business.

And an EBA PRIME Elite meeting in Charlotte, NC – May 3 & 4

They’ll discuss topics regarding your greatest asset – PEOPLE!

  • RECRUIT Great employees are hard to find!
  • RETAIN Once you find them, you want to keep them!
  • RESOURCES People are your greatest asset, but not a commodity!

This is just a sample of what EBA PRIME can do for you. Give them a call at 757-344-4569 or visit their website!



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